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Khaby Lame, the immigrant who lost his job in the pandemic and is now a TikTok king with 65 million followers

Khaby Lame never imagined that Tik Tok was going to change his life.

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Sometimes losing a job means the birth of a great opportunity. This is what happened to Khaby Lame, who After losing his job he became a TikTok darling with 65 million followers.


Bro why you ruined a T-shirt ?👕😔It was so easy…. – Fratello perché hai rovinato una T-Shirt?👕😔#learnfromkhaby #LearnWithTikTok #LearnWithTikTok

♬ suono originale – My goodness

Khabane was fired from his blue-collar position in the city of Chivasso, Italy, in early March 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

When the young Senegalese ran out of funds, he had to return to live with his family in a modest apartment where his parents scolded him for just posting videos instead of looking for work.


please tell me it’s a joke! Thanks @orianasabatini for your help tell me it’s a joke.

♬ suono originale – My goodness

For parents it was a waste of time that their son made videos all the time with his cell phone, but what they did not know is that Khaby was developing a natural talent, appreciated by many people on the network.

His parents were worried because they saw him go by every day, hours and hours posting videos on TikTok, instead of sending resumes everywhere.

But the 21-year-old went viral with his reactions to videos of people doing absurdly complicated things that can be done so easily.


Have a good weekend guys 🤣 Have a good weekend guys 🤣#learnfromkhaby #LearnWithTikTok #LearnWithTikTok

♬ suono originale – My goodness

His videos are a counterproposal of how to make easy what others do complicated, difficult or very elaborate.. Also, people like the gesture with which he signs his short videos at the end.

“It’s my face and my expressions that make people laugh,” Lame said in an interview. Silent reactions, he said, are a “global language.”

After being unemployed Khaby Lame today has more than 65.6 million followers on TikTok and what keeps on accumulating.

If Khaby continues to build a following at the current rate could become the platform’s most followed creator, surpassing Charli D’Amelio, which is followed by 116 million fans.

Fortunately for the young Senegalese, and for the peace of mind of their parents, having so many followers is today a simple and lucrative way to earn a living on social networks.

“Its content almost discredits or mocks the overproduced trends that occur on social media, be they life hacks or other such,” said Samir Chaudry, founder of The Publish Press.

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