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Kia Maintenance Check Discounts

Enter the raffle for a Christmas basket by making your review

Enter the raffle for a Christmas basket by making your review
Hector Fuentes

Do you have a Kia? How many years ago did you buy it? If you need a review it is time to do it with the specialists of Kia Grupo Marcos because they have launched exclusive discounts on maintenance checks under a clear philosophy: the more years you have been with your Kia, the greater the discount that will be applied to you. And it is that they reward your confidence with this exclusive offer when doing the maintenance review, so that you continue to enjoy together with your old Kia with maximum safety.

Visit the Official Technical Services KIA Grupo Marcos until December 22 and take this opportunity. To enjoy this promotion necessary download this coupon and show it at your Kia Grupo Marcos Official Technical Service.

Until December 22 you can participate in the raffle for the Christmas basket at the KIA Grupo Marcos Official Technical Services Hector Fuentes

In addition, and to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season, Kia Grupo Marcos raffle a Christmas basket when doing the maintenance check with them. Remember that the maximum term is until the 22nd of this month in the Official Technical Services KIA Grupo Marcos.

Kia Vehicle Service

Keep your Kia up to date on Excellent Condition. Discover the maintenance and repair offers with original KIA parts. Find out about tire maintenance and enjoy the tools tips offered by the video guides.


You can consult the care and maintenance your car needs to keep it in perfect working order. Book an appointment in any of the official workshops of the brand.

Your authorized vehicle is in good hands at a Kia dealer Hector Fuentes

Increases life and car performance performing the recommended reviews. At a Kia dealer your authorized vehicle is in good hands. In addition, their expert technicians only use genuine Kia parts for service and maintenance. Remember that a complete revision history increases resale value.

Plus, your Kia dealer offers you all the service packages you need to keep your car in perfect condition, from maintenance prepaid to maintenance services in general.


Whether it is a problem of wear by use as one punctual breakdown, your Kia dealer’s dedicated technical team has the solution at competitive prices.

At Kia you have Wi-Fi, free coffee and a waiting room Hector Fuentes

Among the advantages of the Kia repair highlights the tranquility, since Kia technicians have the maximum training and experience in the sector. The comfort is another plus point: Wifi, free coffee and a waiting room.

In addition, a free visual inspection of the vehicle’s safety elements and offer transparent pricing, including the parts and the necessary labor in the budget.

The guarantee of driving a Kia

From the moment you leave the dealership with your new Kia, you start to enjoy a wide range of benefits: from the market leading warranty to your comfort services or the exclusive virtual platform MiKia.

7 year warranty

As a Kia owner, you enjoy the peace of mind of Europe’s leading warranty. 7 year warranty from bumper to bumper.

Kia is the only manufacturer to offer a 7 year / 150,000 km warranty in Europe Hector Fuentes

Constantly evolving quality standards and controls are always present in the development, production and ownership phases of a Kia car. That’s why they are the only manufacturer capable of offering a 7 year / 150,000 km warranty in Europe. Very few items do not enjoy this generous offer. By redefining quality, you make your Kia give you a great experience day after day.

In Kia you can consult useful advice offered by its experts Hector Fuentes

Location of Kia Grupo Marcos

– Alicante: 965992100

– Orihuela: 965306182

– Torrevieja: 965596596

– Denia: 966449988

– Cocentaina: 965594408

– Elda: 966445142

– Elche: 965437598

– San Juan de Alicante: 966444506

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