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Kiko Hernández | Another classic from Save me that goes away

Kiko Hernández leaves "Save me"

Kiko Hernández leaves “Save me”

Telecinco is doing everything possible to save Save me, forgive the redundancy. With this objective in mind, it does not hurt to give tickets to some collaborators who are flagship of the program. The last of them seems to be Kiko Hernandez, who has communicated on social networks that he is leaving, at least temporarily although it may be definitively, the program. He has done it on Instagram, with a Photography In which he appears signing the contract for his next work project.

The goodbye of Kiko Hernández: some leave and others arrive

The output of classic faces from “Sálvame” is being replaced with the incorporation of “new” faces such as those of Carmen Alcayde, Carmen Borrego or Alba Carrillo.

In the aforementioned publication, the one who was a contestant on Big Brother, where he rose to fame to stay on the payroll all these years on Tele 5, affirms that he has “great enthusiasm and desire to start now. I will tell you more soon… if they let me “.

Everything points to Kiko Hernández, who now He’s 45, It refers to the play “Distinto”, which will premiere in early February 2022 at the José María Rodero theater in Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid. This show, Directed by Juan Luis Iborra from Alicante, was scheduled for September of last year, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus. Recently I also announced it on Instagram:

The television career of Kiko Hernández

On April 23, 2002, Kiko Hernández came into our lives through our television screens in the third edition of Big Brother. The Madrilenian was part of the first couple in the history of reality that practiced edredoning, thus conquering the audience and proclaiming themselves the third finalist in the contest. However, the life of Francisco Hernandez Ruiz a lot has changed almost 20 years later.

His charisma on television helped him Javier Sarda will notice him and join his collaborators Martian Chronicles, where we could see him on Telecinco nights, commenting on the reality show that made him famous, staying on the program until 2006. His way of handling himself in front of the cameras and the mystery that has always accompanied him made him also appear in Beside you , working in the afternoons of Telecinco with Emma garcia for five years. A job where it coincided with Lydia lozano, where they were shared in inseparable friends. After the end of By your side, we could see Kiko in current affairs and heart programs such as TNT, The Ana Rosa Program or La Noria, offering his famous “bombs” and his point of view of the heart and television of our country.

But the real success of Kiko Hernández on television came from the hand of “Sálvame” and “Sálvame Deluxe” in 2009. Kiko Hernández has been one of the great protagonists from one of the most revolutionary programs on television and the most successful of Mediaset. Kiko managed to proclaim himself as one of the fundamental collaborators and essential of television, giving us moments that are already part of the history of television and winning over all these years the affection and support of the audience, and also critical.

Precisely that endorsement allowed him to take the leap from collaborating to presenting and that is how we saw him putting himself at the forefront of Save Me Weddings, even occupying the role of Jorge Javier Vazquez. In addition, the collaborator also signs a successful section in the well-known magazine ¡Qué me dices! in which he interviews the best-known faces of our country. In addition, although Kiko never talks about his private life, different media point to the privileged economic situation of the collaborator thanks to his good investments.

Coinciding with his best professional moment, Kiko decided become a parent after a surrogacy process, receiving her two daughters in 2017: Jimena and April.

After more than fifteen years working for Telecinco and becoming the first contestant of Big Brother in such a task, Kiko Hernández was the person in charge along with his companions of give the chimes of that year for the Mediaset chain. A true privilege that celebrated his television career and that put the icing on the cake to one of the best years of his life.

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