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Killed ten wild boars with archery in Cáceres

Wild boars in a wooded area next to the Cáceres cemetery a few months ago. / TODAY

The archers have acted seven times in different areas and Tragsatec will install trap cages and capture parks

A total of ten wild boars have been killed by archery in the city of Cáceres within the population control shock plan for this species, drawn up by the City Council, the Junta de Extremadura, Tragsatec and the Extremadura Hunting Federation, and which executes the Archery Control Service of the Extremaduran Hunting Federation.

In total, seven actions have been carried out in different areas of the city, according to the mayor, Luis Salaya, at the Sectoral Council for the Environment held this week.

Salaya indicated that the actions are being carried out in different areas of the city, always respecting various measures. “It never acts during the day, there are no people nearby, and with all the relevant authorizations: environmental, health and safety,” said the mayor, as reported in a press release.

On the other hand, Tragsatec has acquired trap cages and capture parks, larger elements that can capture several specimens.

clearing plots

The municipal councilor also reported on the clearing of plots in the capital of Cáceres. “This year we were clear that the clearing campaign had to be a priority action that combined the efforts of the departments involved, and as a result of the good work it has ended a month earlier,” Salaya stressed.

On June 30, the concession company Talher completed the clearing of the municipal plots initially included in its planning, in addition to the East Round. To reduce the execution time, the means have been reinforced and the clearing team has been increased, in addition, work has been carried out during weekends and holidays. Likewise, all pasture areas close to homes have been prioritized, especially Aldea Moret, La Cañada, Mejostilla and Cáceres el Viejo.

The Comprehensive Management Plan for Feline Colonies in the city of Cáceres was also addressed and a study will be initiated so that the situation of the cats living in these feline colonies can be analyzed and the plan implemented, “and thus be able to initiate actions that guarantee the well-being of people, cats and other animals, as well as the environment and public health’.

cat sterilization

In September, the sterilization phase will begin, which will continue annually until 100% of the detected colonies are sterilized and thus be able to start evaluating the results.

“At all times, the procedure endorsed by the scientific and veterinary community is followed with the CER method (Capture-Sterilization-Return), the only methodology for the control and reduction of the population of street cats, guaranteeing the well-being and health of cats, improvement of the human environment, and efficiency of public spending”.

Regarding the Vadeflores mine, Salaya reported that the company has already deposited in the court the 26,500 euros of the municipal sanction imposed for alteration of the landscape (earthworks) without enabling title “and we are waiting for its payment to the coffers municipal»

Regarding the new project, and questions from groups present, he reiterated that no more information was yet available than that already mentioned because the new project that the company is talking about has not yet been presented.


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