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Kim Basinger: from ‘sex symbol’ to suffering from agoraphobia


Her mental health problems have conditioned her to continue at the peak of her career. She hasn’t played a protagonist for eight years and lives outside the industry without a known partner.

Kim Basigner, January 2023MEGA

From his last leading role eight years ago. From the tape that she exalted as the erotic myth of the moment, she those nine and a half weeks with Mickey Rourk (36). Not even the rain of television projects due to the platform war has managed to restore prominence to a Kim Basinger away from the spotlight who searched so much for decades. At almost 70 years of age, it seems unlikely that she will shine her star again as before her, suffering from episodes of agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that has marked a large part of her life.

Basinger discussed his health problems in March of last year. In a conversation with Jada Pinkett-Smith for the show Network Table Talk -the first interview she had given in 14 years- the actress of GeorgiaHe confessed that for a while he could not leave the house. “You have to rethink everything,” she said. “I had to learn to drive again, and for years I did not go through the tunnels of Malibu because everything scares you. It is awful”.

The actress, married to Alec Baldwin for nine years – recently accused of involuntary manslaughter during the filming of Rust for the accidental death of Halyna Hutchins-she remembered the moment when she first felt an anxiety attack. She was in a supermarket when she felt something dominating her in a way that prevented her from breathing. “So I left the basket, I got to my car and that was the last time I drove for six or seven months,” she explained, the same time it took him to leave the house again. She was then running 1980 and was with her first husband, Ron Snyder-Britton.

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Hollywood took note of her many problems and gradually pushed her into the ditch until she was labeled a difficult-to-hire actress. On her weighed the halo of sex symbol never quite rocked out, an era that began with her role as Domino Petachi in Never say neverturned into a Bond girl with Sean Connery, and the famous cover for Playboy that same year, 1983.

Basinger tried to do roles of greater depth but always ended up facing critics. Or with the box office. Sound was the bump of I dreamed of Africa, a Hugh Hudson film about a single mother who moves to Kenya with her son. they collected 14 million dollars against an investment of 50. What she understood as the great project of her cinematographic life ended in fiasco.

His last parade on a red carpet was for the second installment of the trilogy based on the novels by EL James, Fifty Shades of Grey, in 2017, in a more symbolic role than depth for the interpreter from Georgia. Actually, the last notable thing in her career was the role that helped her win the Oscar for best supporting actress.

That was in 1998 for the film based on the James Ellroy detective novel, LA Confidential, a round job before starring in a pronounced decline in his career. Basinger he was about to not do it because it was a prostitute and for her general disenchantment with the industry, four years after she filed for bankruptcy after being sued over the My Obsession With Helena studio.

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In addition to the most outstanding role of his career, there are roles to remember as Batmanalong with Jack Nicholson, or Blind Datewith Bruce Willis as a partner or The best, the film that earned her a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress. But above all, the erotic display of Nine weeks and a half (1986). The proposal of the always provocative Adrian Lyne was a collection disaster in the United States although a tremendous success internationally. Basinger was pigeonholed for the rest of his career.

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