Thursday, December 8

Kim Jong-un celebrates the “victory” against the pandemic and announces that he was infected

The same day that the leader of North KoreaKim Jong-un, declares “victory” over the covid-19 outbreak that has affected the country since May, his sister, Kim Yo Jong, confirmed that the president got infected and “suffered high fever during the days of this quarantine war, but he couldn’t lie down even for a moment because he thought about the people he was responsible for.

These statements are first confirmation that a senior North Korean official, whose health is always under close scrutiny by analysts, has contracted the virus.

The statements were made in a meeting between the two brothers with health workers and scientistswhere Jong-un has announced the “victory (…) in the war against the malignant pandemic disease,” according to the state press agency KCNA. The isolated country, which applied a strict border closure since the start of the pandemic, announced an outbreak of the variant omicron in May in the capital, Pyongyang, and activated “a maximum emergency epidemic prevention system.” But now, North Korean authorities have reported no new cases since July 29.

According to KCNAKim has said that “the victory won by our people is a historic event that once again demonstrates to the world the greatness of our statethe indomitable tenacity of our people and the beautiful national customs of which we are proud”.

At the end of the speech, “the participants let out thunderous cries of ‘hurrah!’ repeatedly, remembering through tears the great deeds and the devoted service to the people who (Kim) has done to achieve a brilliant victory that will go down in history,” says KCNA.

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Threats to Seoul

During the ceremony, Kim Yo Jong, has blamed the outbreak on South Korea for “allowing activists to send propaganda balloons and US dollars across the border,” pointing out that these objects are what have carried the virus.

That is why the North Korean leader’s sister has accused Seoul of “crime against humanity” and has threatened with strong retaliation. If the balloons continue, “we will respond not only by eradicating the virus, but also to the South Korean authorities“, has said.

The South Korean Ministry of Unification has responded this Thursday saying that it was a “unsubstantiated claim” and regretted that Pyongyang made “disrespectful and threatening comments”.

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the analyst Leif-Eric Easleya professor at Ewha University in Seoul, interprets Kim’s announcement and his sister’s remarks as a sign that Pyongyang wants to focus on other priorities such as “restart the economy or carry out a nuclear test”.

“the rwarlike ethic of Kim Yon Jong is worrying not only because it tries to blame South Korea from the rise of covid, too Attempts to Justify North Korea’s Next Military Provocation“, has said.

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