Friday, October 22

Kimmel on Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘The most regrettable excuse for a congresswoman we’ve ever had’ | Late night TV overview

Jimmy Kimmel

On Jimmy Kimmel Live !, the host discussed extremist Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s apology after comparing Covid-19 restrictions to the Holocaust. At a press conference, he admitted regret after visiting the Holocaust museum, saying his eyes were now open to the horrors of it. “It’s amazing what you can do with a little education,” he said. “Now he knows as much about the Holocaust as all sixth graders in Washington DC. Quick, build a climate change museum too! “

He also referred to it as “the saddest excuse for a congresswoman we’ve ever had.”

To celebrate Donald Trump’s 75th birthday, a party was organized in which his son Donald Trump Jr posted a video on Instagram. “What a party, the best people are there, although I couldn’t help but realize: his wife was not there,” he commented.

Kimmel suggested that Melania Trump may have run off with Hunter Biden.

Stephen Colbert

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke about “an important threshold” as New York surpassed a vaccination rate of 70%. Now the remaining restrictions are being lifted, which “means Pizza Rat can finally dine inside again.”

In March, Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin “a murderer,” which he recently spoke about in a US television interview, trying to confusedly explain that it was hypocritical to say so. “My favorite sayings are the ones that are complicated and need a lot of explanation,” he said.

Jason Riddle, who was indicted for his involvement in the Capitol riots, is now running for office in New Hampshire, but in a recent interview revealed that he didn’t even understand the system or was up against a Democrat. “This explains his campaign slogan: Jason Riddle to … I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine!” Colbert joked.

Another troublemaker, who stepped onto Nancy Pelosi’s desk, recently appeared on Russian television, prompting Colbert to joke that she was also present on the country’s other morning shows: Oppress the Nation, Murder the Press, and Fox. New. Sunday.

Seth meyers

Late at night, Seth Meyers spoke about the planned parade in New York City to honor frontline workers of the pandemic, announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio this week. “Friend, haven’t you learned anything?” Meyers asked. : New Yorkers hate parades. That’s like saying you’ll honor them with a trip to Fenway and deep dish pizza. “

Publishers have reportedly been reluctant to publish a book after Donald Trump’s presidency because they are concerned that it is not truthful. Meyers joked that the fears were based only on the title: How I Slept With Carmen Electra.

In a new interview, Barack Obama said that if you watch Fox News, you have a different version of reality than if you read the New York Times. “If you just look at Fox, you might not know that some women have brown hair,” Meyers said.

Trevor noah

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah also spoke about Greene, the Georgia congresswoman and “your crazy aunt’s even crazier friend.”

Greene has become “notorious for saying absolutely anything with zero shame” speaking of unhinged conspiracies and also comparing the Covid-19 restrictions to the Holocaust, something she now admits was a mistake.

“This woman writes the laws, the laws that govern the land that she’s here like, ‘Hey guys, you heard about the Holocaust, shit is crazy,'” he said. “I mean, seriously, are we going to have a press conference every time Marjorie Taylor Greene finds out about something? Because she doesn’t know many things. “

He said he felt bad for her because learning “forces you to take back all the ignorant shit you said in the past.”

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