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King Juan Carlos plans to return to Spain before the end of the year

King Juan Carlos plans to travel to Spain in the coming weeks, before the end of this yearOnce the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court seems to be inclined to archive the three investigations that have been opened on their funds abroad for more than a year, since they have not observed any evidence of crime.

Juan Carlos I has transferred this possibility to some of his closest associates, although without specifying if it would be a definitive or eventual return from Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), or where he would stay, according to sources from his surroundings have informed EFE.

Once it has emerged that the Prosecutor’s Office may not extend its inquiries, the King Emeritus “thinks he can return now”, after the attempts he made earlier to compromise his son, Felipe VI, failed to bear fruit.

Don Juan Carlos is considering coming to Spain before Christmas, “even in november“, point out the sources.

Prosecutors are inclined to file your case because of the inviolability that protected him during the period that he reigned, which would exempt it from responsibility in the commissions that it could collect from Saudi Arabia for the works of the AVE to Mecca.

The two tax regularizations that committed a value of 5.3 million euros for money donated by friends for his personal expenses also close the door to a possible crime, while it has not been possible to prove that he hid funds in tax havens.

Don Juan Carlos set out for Abu Dhabi on August 3 of last year after the Royal House, with the approval of the Government, agreed that the best thing was his temporary departure from Spain pending the result of the tax proceedings.

Felipe VI left the choice of destination abroad in the hands of his father.

At first, he considered the option of settling in Portugal, but faced with the reluctance of the Palacio de la Zarzuela due to its proximity to Spain, he decided to move to the emirate invited by the authorities of the Persian Gulf country.

“Here I do not bother the crown,” justified Don Juan Carlos, according to his testimony collected in the book published this week, ‘My king dethrone’, the work of the French writer Laurence Debraand, who visited him in Abu Dhabi in the spring.

The place of residence, an unknown

You are about to reveal where you would set your address once your expatriation is closed, by his return to the Palacio de la Zarzuela is considered unlikely, which was his residence for more than 57 years.

Some information indicates that the Government is studying the possibility of housing him in some property of National Heritage for having been head of state and keeping the title of King for life.

The environment of Juan Carlos I does not rule out that he could go to Portugal, “where he has many friends and is well liked”, say the sources.

From the neighboring country you could easily travel to Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), one of his favorite destinations where his sailing friends are and where he would sail aboard the “Rascal”, one of his great hobbies.

Another possibility that has been pointed out would be to live with his eldest daughter, the Infanta Elena, in his apartment in Madrid, although, being located in the center of the city, his public exposure would be greater.

Don Juan Carlos, who will turn 84 on January 5, claims to be in good health, which has been attributed to the fact that he has done gymnastics daily and that he has lost twelve kilos.

His mobility, on the other hand, is still quite weakened and he needs a cane to walk, despite having received regular physiotherapy sessions.

At his villa in Abu Dhabi, he has been assisted at all times by three assistants paid for by National Heritage, in addition to a couple of local servants for household chores arranged by their hosts.

Don Juan Carlos has kept up to date with the news in Spain and has been in permanent contact with his closest friends through his mobile phone and sending wasaps.


Too His daughters, Elena and Cristina have visited him, and several friends, including the journalist Carlos Herrera.

In the book published about him, he has revealed that he has followed the mass that is officiated at the Zarzuela Palace on the internet and that, after seeing the burial of Felipe de Edimburgo, husband of Elizabeth II, he has confessed: “Now, I must think about mine“.

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