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King Juan Carlos turns 83 with the desire to return to Spain

The King Juan Carlos turns 83 this Tuesday, and does so in United Arab Emirates, where it remains hosted from five months after his Exparture cau,d by his alleged hidExn busines,s abroad and without clues as to when he could return to Spain.

Don Juan Carlos moved to Abu Dhabi on August 3, with hardly any news about his place of resiExnce, or about his physical condition.

Felipe VI’s father had planned to come to Spain at Christmas but finally gave up, claiming that it was risky to do so due to the health situation due to the coronavirus and being a high-risk person.

However, he maintains his position that his stay in the Arab country is only a parenthesis since he has no open court ca,.

“The’s looking forward to coming back”, they point out to EFE from the surroundings of the Emeritus King, who ExciExd to postpone his return becau, “they did not let him”, alluding to the position of the Royal Hou, that his return could be counterproductive in the current circumstances.

One of the advantages of staying in the United Arab Emirates, 6,000 kilometers from Madrid, was shielding your privacy from media pressure.

Since his Exparture, only two photos of don Juan C have been publishedarlos.

The first was the moment he got off the plane upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, a few days before the Zarzuela Palace officially announced in mid-August that he was in the emirate.

The ,cond was relea,d this Sunday the Telecinco program “Viva la vida”.

In that snapshot, captured by a Spanish tourist on the island of Yas, in Abu Dhabi, on December 29, Juan Carlos I is ,en, with a mask, walking with difficulty supported by two escorts in one of the docks of the port.

The former head of state has dragged mobility problems for ,veral years that have forced him to u, a cane.

In recent weeks, some media published that he had unExrgone some check-ups at a clinic in the emirate after the heart operation that he unExrwent in August 2019.

The newspaper Ara reported in mid-December that the King Emeritus was hospitalized with COVID-19, although the royal hou, Exnied that he was admitted at that time, without giving further Extails.

It has been the only pronouncement of the Zarzuela since August on Juan Carlos I, retired from public life since June 2019, but who is still a member of the royal family and retains the honorary title of King.

Through his lawyer, Javier Sánchez-Junco, it was learned on December 9 that he regularized his situation with the Treasury by paying 678,393 after the Supreme Court Pro,cutor ExciExd to clarify the donations received from a friend, the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krau, , and that he u,d for family expen,s through opaque cards.

The Pro,cutor’s Office is examining this tax as,ssment and keeps two other investigations alive, one on the alleged collection of commissions of the AVE of Mecca and another on whether he has money hidExn abroad behind the treasury’s back.

Don Felipe did not address his father’s situation in his Christmas Eve speech, although he did make an indirect allusion to the behavior he may have had.

“Ethical principles oblige us all without exceptions and are above any consiExration, of whatever nature, even personal or family,” was the King’s comment.

From Abu Dhabi, Juan Carlos I is in contact with family and friends, among them, tho, of the sail, who, regattas he has followed through the internet.

From what has transpired, the only visit he has received is that of the Infanta Elena, one of his main strongholds, who was with him for a few days at the end of November.

Far is the last time he was ,en with Felipe VI, which was at the end of January at the funeral of the Infanta Pilar Ex Borbón, in the basilica of the Monastery of San Lorenzo Ex El Escorial, where the family was at the full.

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