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King Marquez is back

We all knew he would make it. We all knew that if someone was capable of such a feat, he was: Marc Márquez Alentá, the best and greatest champion in all history, the pilot who revolutionized the World Championship, racing, the way of driving, the boy who if everyone touched the Elbow with the asphalt, he brushed her shoulder, then her ass. And his saves and that way of riding, maximum risk, that nobody can imitate.

All in the wake of Márquez

And even less on uncertain days like today, with droplets of water, with too much risk for others to dare to follow him. And less in Germany, at the Sachsenring, where he had been 10 years in a row (2010 to 2019), from 125cc to MotoGP, always winning, always. Márquez, who started fifth, already crossed the finish line first, as the leader, on the first lap. And from there, everyone had to follow in his wake and see him, alone, the tail of his Honda, the only one who wins.

The last triumph of MM93 in the World Championship and that of Honda, which had 21 races without winning, dates from Valencia-2019. Today, 581 days later, surviving a tremendous fall in Jerez-2020, after three operations on his right humerus, the last of which was 11 hours in the operating room, last December, Márquez again achieved victory No. 57 in MotoGP, provoking the tears, the tears, the emotion of his father Juliá, of his mother Roser, in Cervera, of his manager Emilio Alzamora, of his engineer Santi Hernández, of his team leader Alberto Puig, of all his mechanics and engineers.

Márquez wins in his garden

Márquez, huge, immense, tremendous, in Germany has once again shown that, from now on (“I still have a lot to recover, still”) we have to count on him again. He met with Davide Tardozzi, one of the Ducati bosses, in August, in Austria, to try to beat him, but Márquez has won before, he has won in his garden, so he wanted to debut his new ‘retro’ helmet at Sanchsenring and not baptize it in Assen (Holland), next week, which was where his Shoei brand had planned to deliver it to him. Marc knew it was his GP.

“It is an important and tremendous moment in my career, in my life,” said Marc in the corralito of the German track. “I knew I had a chance, I was on my circuit and if everything came together you could be on the podium, winning was more difficult. When I have seen that three drops have fallen, I have thought, come on, take a risk and have made a hole. Then, with a small gap, there has been another career that of being chased by Miguel (Oliveira). I’ve thought, it’s not Oliveira, it’s Jose, my sparring partner, my personal trainer, or personal assistant, and he won’t catch you. And, yes, I have achieved it, I have achieved it ”, he confessed crying before the microphone of Izaskun Ruiz, from DAZN.

Marc Márquez is back

“I said it on Thursday, I will try. I have been able to drive to the limit. I thank all the doctors, from Javier Mir to Samuel Antuña, to my family, to Carlos, my physio, who has not been separated from me in months and months, I have never been alone, all this is not achieved alone, there is a lot of people behind and everyone, everyone, also Honda, who has been very patient with me, and this victory is for all of them. We have always believed that we could go back and win again, but it has been very hard and these months have taught me many things and to value everything that has been done, but it costs, it costs, to be the same again, but we are back. With calm and patience, we have already achieved it. I have hardly cried and I had proposed it ”, continued Marc.

“In a difficult situation, you seek to console yourself or talk to someone who has gone through the same thing and there have been very important the talks with Alberto (Puig), with Emilio (Alzamora) and, above all, with Mick (Doohan, the Australian champion ), who told me about his entire process of 1992 and 1993 and that I had patience, work hard and that talk, lasting more than half an hour, was very comforting because it helped me, above all, to think that if the great Mick had come out ahead, I could too. I repeat, this is a thing of many people and this victory is for those who have always been by my side and, even, for those who have doubted that it could be achieved again because I have also understood their comments ”.

Marc’s career was once again typical of the Sachsenring, without rival, setting the pace, being the ‘fucking master’, as Pep Guardiola would say, of the grand prix. He was never in danger, no longer victory, not even the podium. Márquez dominated a race where the second Honda was that of the Japanese Takaaki Nakagami, who finished 13th. Without Marc, Honda has gone 21 grands prix without winning. Without Marc, the World Cup has been out of control for almost two years. The king has returned. “I know that, next week, I will suffer again in Assen, in the ‘cathedral’, but this victory was needed by all of us and here it is. From now on, everything will be better, for sure ”.

“It is a victory for Marc, for him, only he knows how much we have all suffered, how bad we have been. I am very happy, very proud, happy for Marc, happy for the team, for Honda, for everyone and we hope it will be the restart of another great era, ”said Santi Hernández, Marc’s engineer.“ All the applause goes to Marc. Of course we expected this moment to come! And of course we believed that it could be here, on his favorite circuit! Marc winning, on the street, at the Sachsenring is not uncommon, but he does do it after months of pain, “said Alberto Puig, while comforting Takeo Yokoyama, Honda technical chief.

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“This victory is not just my thing, behind this victory there are many people, doctors, family, factory, friends,” says the winner

So far the German GP live. The next appointment of the MotoGP World Championship will be on June 27th on the occasion of the Dutch GP at the Assen circuit. It will be until then. Greetings

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