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King, the master of cult horror who became popular

Writer Stephen King

Writer Stephen King

A cult book, but not for cults“This is ‘Stephen King. Illustrated guide to the master of terror’, the biography that goes beyond the life of this author who has made us tremble with fear with a literature of the highest level that, perhaps because it has become popular , is not recognized as it deserves.

Perhaps this is the most important reason for the father of ‘It’ or ‘Carrie’ is not in the pools of any of the most prestigious literature awards, but perhaps this is also not one of his biggest concerns because King (Maine, United States, 1947) has achieved something that many authors can only dream of: being a ‘cult’ writer with more than 350 million copies sold.

This is how Javier Ortega, the editorial director of Lunwerg, the publisher that today publishes this “book that was needed, a cult book but not for cults”, whose authorship is signed by Matthieu Rostac and Francois Cau, responsible for this in-depth review. for the work of the creator of an unparalleled aesthetic, of the father of the most terrifying characters in literature and the creator of environments that are almost as scary as the people who inhabit them.

But King’s universe has “a great taboo”: “Having dedicated himself to a genre like horror has become popular, and when awards reward excellence, it seems there is modesty because popular is excellent,” he says.

Specifically, this work continues the line of illustrated biographies of Lunwerg -in which are West Anderson or Tim Burton- and it takes a tour of the profiles of their creatures, the film adaptations of their books -more than 80- or the aesthetics of posters and aesthetics of your world.

Because what Rostac and Cau have done is replicate the illustrations on the covers and posters cinematography of all the works, as well as recovering the typography and graphics of everything that surrounds King’s work. But it is also worth noting the “infinite documentation value“which exists in the pages of this biography:” I don’t think there is anyone who knows more about King than these authors, nor should the protagonist himself have these types of references in mind, “he emphasizes. Ortega refers to data contained in the book As the number of King cameos in adaptations of his works: “Has been in a lot of films doing everything, truck driver, gravedigger, gardener … “.

Likewise, this work shows us, with black, red and green as the protagonists of the illustrations and graphics, how King is in everything, how he has managed to create an aesthetic that goes beyond the ability to bristle our skin, an aesthetic that includes even the soundtrack notes of their stories. And for all this, the editor-in-chief of Lunwerg points out that “a review of Stephen King was urgently needed because knowing that it is not Japanese haute couture, it is a well-documented genre, perfectly narrated.”

‘Stephen King. The Master of Horror’s Illustrated Guide ‘thus becomes a book not only suitable for King loversBut for those who at some point have been curious to feel the fear in their bones.


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