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Kipchoge is consecrated and Lamdassem finishes fifth

  • The Kenyan occupies the throne of Abebe Bikila in the Tokyo Olympic marathon 57 years later.

  • Lamdassem almost stroked the podium with his fingers and fought until the last 500 meters

While Eliud Kipchoge escaped alone at kilometer 30 and established himself as one of the best ever by winning his second consecutive Olympic gold in marathon, the Spanish Ayad Lamdassem he struggled to stay in a group of five riders, in the fight for silver and bronze. Lamdassem could not sprint due to a problem with his toenails and finished in a creditable fifth place, the best place for a Spaniard in the Games after Fiz’s sixth in Atlanta-96, adding the eleventh place of finalist for Spanish athletics in Such.

In 2014, Eliud Kipchoge came to Barcelona to run the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona, ​​which he won with a circuit record. It was almost his first test on asphalt, before he became a marathon legend, even at the height of the mythical Abebe Bikila.

Agustín Riviere, who was then the director of the Barcelona half marathon, left a premonitory phrase. “What a smart look this athlete has.” He did not praise his running style, his easy stride, his marks or athletic achievements, but the subtle mental capacity he envisioned in this athlete to turn each of his strides to gold.

One of the best ever

Seven years later, Kipchoge is considered one of the best marathoners in history. By marks and triumphs he is already the best, after achieving one of the most expensive doublets in athletics: two consecutive Olympic golds in the 42 kilometers, something that only the German Waldemar Cierpinski has achieved in Montreal-76 and Moscow-80, and Abebe Bikila in Rome-60 and four years later in Tokyo.

Cierpinski ran under the flag of the GDR and his blue pill, and, therefore, his triumphs must be marked with the asterisk of suspicion. Bikila won barefoot in Rome and with Puma in Tokyo, improving her own world record by more than three minutes. To our knowledge, no one blamed him for his obvious success running shoes. A Kipchoge yes.

Revolutionary sneakers

The Kenyan has been the best possible testator for Nike and its revolutionary carbon plate sneakers. Kipchoge premiered the coveted Vaporfly, which according to advertising, improve the performance of the runner by up to 4%, to reduce the two-hour marathon in a custom-made test, held at the Vienna Prater in October 2019, before achieving also the official record in Berlin.

A whole legion of geeks of this sport raised their voices then to denounce the supposed advantage of the shoes, happily adjective as “magical”. The International Federation intervened to homologate and certify that the new material complied with the regulations, while the rest of the brands launched into a frantic race to bring competitive models to the market with the Oregon firm.

The philosopher

Kipchoge, with the Next and Alphafly sneaks evolved from the pioneering Vaporfly, has continued to win (13 of the 15 marathons he has run, including two Olympics) and is by far the best against rivals with the same or similar technology. on your feet.

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Nicknamed ´The Philosopher¨ by his training partners in the Kaptagat altitude, the Kenyan has shown an uncommon intelligence to manage his careers, his successes, the best sports equipment at his fingertips and, most importantly, the best possible training group to prepare your challenges.

The second and third classified in the Tokyo Olympic marathon, the Dutch Abdi Nageeye and the Belgian Bashir Abdi, share kilometers daily and reside with the multi champion, in their training centers in Kenya. Preparing alongside the best is also a smart decision.

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