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Kira Miró and Salva Reina, a passionate kiss confirms their relationship

Kira Miró and Salva Reina.

The couple has been caught on a romantic walk through Madrid despite the fact that they avoided posing together at the Malaga Festival

There are many people who find love at work and in the world of celluloid it is common for fictional couples to later become a reality. In the national panorama, the last one we have known is the one formed by Kira Miró and Salva Reina. After coinciding in ‘Todos lo do’ and ‘Vienes o voy’ it seems that the chemistry they gave off was something more than pure interpretation. The actors posed on the carpet at the Malaga Festival separately to avoid speculation, but on their return to Madrid they were caught having a passionate kiss in the street.

This has been published exclusively by Hola magazine. In its pages you can see the snapshots taken in the capital with the two actors walking very accomplices. According to the publication, they went together to a massage establishment and on their way out they kissed each other, which has served as confirmation of the romance. In the photographs they are seen smiling and accomplices, living a sweet moment.

We have known Kira Miró since she was young since she has been in front of the cameras since she was 19, when she made her debut as the presenter of ‘Desperate social club’. Since then, she has participated in numerous television shows and has shot in about twenty films. Her jump to the pages of her heart came from the hand of Macaco, the singer with whom she had a relationship for almost a decade, between 2007 and 2016. Her breakup was confirmed by herself but there were hardly any explanations to the respect.

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Shortly after, he met Samuel Castillo, a physiotherapist for Real Madrid Basketball. They met at his clinic where the actress went for treatment and she must have been so happy that they continued to see each other outside of there. It was also a magazine that uncovered this love when they had been together for several months. That did not last long and in 2019 Kira and Samuel separated. He is the current partner of Eugenia Osborne, daughter of Bertín Osborne.

Since then, nothing was known about his love affairs until the publication of the photographs in the magazine Hello with Salva Reina. He is an actor born in Las Palmas and from Malaga by adoption who has collaborated in numerous television programs. His first big movie was ‘La Isla Mínima’ although his popularity came with his portrayal of José Narváez in the series ‘Allí bajo’. He later he starred in ‘Malaka’. Since then, it has been common to see him in different feature films, the last two, ‘Everybody does it’, by Hugo Martín Cuervo, and ‘You come or I’m going’, by Jaime Botella, in which he shares the cast with Kira. Although both went to present this latest work in the capital of Malaga, they did not let their romance show, neither in front of the cameras nor at the parties they attended. Now, after revealing his secret, it will not be necessary to hide it again in his professional commitments.

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