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Know the diets that will be a trend in 2021

The year 2020 is ending and, as he points out HealthlineIt has been a year of many changes for us in various aspects. These changes will be further reflected in the trends that may mark 2021, which is very close to starting.

It is expected that the ambit nutritional experience several changes in the course of the year to come and that account for the transformations in the relationship between us and what surrounds us.


Diets are likely to shift towards foods that build more sustainable food practices and with a deep environmental feeling, this as a result of the rise of a local approach.

Localism could be defined as a tendency to favor the food industry of the closest sector or sectors to the detriment of the most distant sites, which is a direct consequence of confinement due to the health contingency.

This renewed concern for our “neighborhood” could break the polarization between those accustomed to eating meat versus people who have adopted vegetarianism.

This would occur because the practitioners of climatarianism prioritize foods with less climate impact on meat alternatives and also those promoted by vegetarians.

In this sense, consumers could opt for the development of their own food instead of consuming what is offered by large industries under the assumption that what they do is more harmful to the planet.

Many people are choosing to grow their own food. Source: Shutterstock


Flexitarianism is the eating trend that involves a significant reduction of animal foods from the diet without eliminating them completely. This would put the consumer in the middle between vegetarians and those who eat a lot of meat.

Flexitarianism is a trend strongly promoted by the millennial generation. According to data from Statista, 60% of the people of this generation have shown interest in a diet of this type, being the highest percentage among all existing groups.

Flexitarians can also change their diet with each week; they can have a 7-day period on a vegetarian diet, and the following week adopt a more conventional diet.

This “nutritional flexibility” that characterizes them would allow them test the benefits of both vegetarians and people on a meat-based diet, which would contribute greatly to an optimal state of health. This diet can also be an option for people looking to lose weight while staying in good condition.

This is just a taste of all that 2021 can offer us in terms of diets and feeding. Time will pass and it will tell us that everything raised here has been fulfilled and to what extent we have been negatively or positively affected by it.

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