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Know what sign you are and what animal you are according to this zodiac

From the western horoscope (or Greek), al Chinese horoscope, the native american The mayan horoscope… all societies have tried to guess the future in one way or another, each choosing taking into account different methods that help us to know a little more about their culture. The Mayan horoscope is one of the most special of all astrological prediction systems and the prediction of the future was key in its history. The Mayans were based on a lunar calendar based on 13 moons, which means that in eThis horoscope there are 13 signs and not 12, as in the Greek horoscope that we know.

The Mayans were experts in astronomy and also in mathematics, some opinions even affirm that your calendar is more accurate than ours. In the following lines you can discover what zodiac sign are you according to the Mayan horoscope, know What animal are you and also the characteristics of the same.

Lagarto (from December 13 to January 9)

Lizards are positive and simple people. They do not like disorder at all and they go around the world spreading good vibes and happiness. Of course, their love of order can make them seem somewhat obsessed and controlling, although, despite the latter, they prefer others to be in charge of doing things.

They dream a lot, so they never have enough time to do everything they would like to do. They usually have great ideas and are very good analytical and studious, for which they can be great doctors, philologists or librarians. Despite the latter, they prefer to work on something “common” to avoid gazing at them. They can be quite introverted, shy, and unapproachable at times.

Mono (from January 10 to February 6)

The monkey is the funniest sign in the entire Mayan horoscope. They have a great sense of humor and they look to the future with optimism and joy. Also, sociable and partying. They are quite autonomous in matters of daily life and work (they do not support iron and corseted schedules, routines or bosses giving orders). Artistic professions suit monkeys like a glove. They are so, so, but so loving… that they cannot be completely faithful. In addition, they get bored quickly and need constant immediacy and novelty. They would give a lot of play in ‘The Island of Temptations’. If you want to keep a monkey by your side, surprise him daily and be very imaginative.

Falcon (February 7 to March 6)

Incredibly perceptive and also very dominant. Hawks have the ability to stay firm in difficult situations, allowing them to manage and find quick solutions to problems that would cause any other sign to crash. They know how to reach good agreements with people when they consider it appropriate, they distinguish themselves from the rest of the signs by your honesty.

They are excellent pilots and aviators, not only because of a high flight issue… but because they love freedom. With their diplomacy they are also great judges and ambassadors. In love they are extremely faithful, they will only have one love in life and they will always want to be that person.

Jaguar (March 7 to April 3)

The Jaguar is the most passionate sign in the entire Mayan horoscope: Not everything seems possible to them and, with their persuasion, they also convince those around them. If a jaguar asks you to jump off a bridge, you will probably end up jumping off a bridge. They love the thrill of facing tough challenges. They are usually resourceful and seek new adventures every day, so they are good musicians or journalists. When they fall in love, jaguars do not give up until they get the love of the person who has caught their attention, so they can end up conquering or seem a bit heavy.

Dog / Fox (from April 4 to May 1)

A sign of solidarity and dedicated to others. Their virtue is knowing how to care and thus they try to help whoever is in their power. They are correct, educated, feisty and fair. They always defend the one who is in an unfavorable position and they are empathetic and assertive when making value judgments.

For all these virtues, dogs / foxes are usually great nurses, teachers or psychologists. In love They are aware of everything that may be missing and everything they can contribute to the relationship, ensuring that their partner does not lack anything. When they collapse they may seem a bit irascible, but it goes away quickly.

Snake (May 2 to May 29)

Snake people do not go unnoticed: neither because of their presence, sensual and flirtatious, nor because of their cultured and ambitious personality. People under the sign of the snake prefer to be alone to bad company and they enjoy having a space to get rid of the rest of the mortals (even if only for a few hours). They work very hard to get something they love: money. Due to their characteristics and powerful ambitions they are usually good in the field of marketing and sales. As for love, they are very in love and need a lot of affection to feel safe.

Rabbit / Squirrel (from May 30 to June 26)

Hard-working, constant and delicate. People under the rabbit / squirrel sign also have a good sense of humor. They are nice and friendly, “Good people”, and that’s why they make friends wherever they go, keeping them forever even if they can’t see them every day. They are expressive and will always remind their people of the things they consider to be important in their life. Dreamy and positive, rabbit / squirrel people are not fond of getting into trouble, because they find it hindering their practical goals.

They are great broadcasters, reporters or commentators, all thanks to their innate ability to communicate pleasantly with others. In love, they unconditionally support their partner and love to make surprises and have little details (something they also value doing with themselves).

Tortuga (from June 27 to July 25)

So homey that his totem animal takes the house “on top”. The turtles they enjoy solitude but also love to dedicate themselves to their family. They are fans of sedentary activities: a bit of Animal Crossing, a Parcheesi or a wine with friends in the living room or an afternoon of reading or cinema dedicated to self-care. Although they love nature, they would never do anything that could put their health at risk and they are not fans of extreme sports at all (better to go one step at a time). Excellent gardeners, biologists and ecologists, turtles love the environment and fight to take care of it day by day. Although they are shy and introverted, when they do open up with someone it is forever. In love, things are better calmly (so calm that it is always difficult for them to take the first step).

Murcielago (from July 26 to August 22)

Dominant, leaders, with a unique personality and a lot of charisma. Those who are born under the sign of the bat tend to have quite a genius, but also a resourcefulness to solve problems, so the pressure does not disturb their minds at all. They tend to have firm goals and they almost always achieve them (If they don’t, not all the cards were in their hand).

They love spending time alone and they don’t mind having long periods of being single, yes, if they fall in love they do it very deeply. In love they need to feel admiration for their partner. They are protective but they need their partner to be as independent as they are, because otherwise they will feel locked up very quickly. They will succeed in politics and in departments related to business administration and economics.

Scorpio (August 23 to September 19)

Despite the prejudices that exist about this animal, in its version of the Mayan horoscope, scorpions are quite nice. They are idealistic, but also very gentle and lovers of routine: they do not like sudden and unexpected changes in their life. Analytical and calculating, they are good advisers and listen carefully and empathy for others, although when it comes to opening up and telling intimacies they are extremely reserved. They only speak when they truly believe they can contribute something with their words.

They are persevering and responsible, so they are good at finding a place for any opposition, they will be successful in whatever objective they set. Excellent lawyers, teachers, secretaries … In love they are of few words and many deeds, they never break a promise. Faithful, they expect the same from their partner and do not forget “not one”.

Venado (from September 20 to October 17)

Sensiblones, sentimental, amorous, romantics, nineteenth-century … The deer they love love and live for it, so your partner is the most important thing. They have a lot of love to give and, yes, they give everything, but they also expect the same.

The deer has a lot of willpower and is usually an innocent person to the point that, at times, they abuse their naivety. This sensitivity that we mentioned is intrinsically linked to art and the ideals of beauty, so they are usually good artists, painters, poets, or designers. They idealize love and put it as the main objective in their life, so when they get disappointed the “blow” is usually as dramatic as the beginning of Bambi.

Owl / Lechuza (from October 18 to November 14)

What comes to mind when we think of an owl or an owl? Evidently. Wisdom, temperance and intuition. Those born under this sign are sociable beings and very good advisers. Although they tend to have a moody temperament when it comes to being critical of themselves, owls are all love to others. His priority is always to sleep comfortably every night, without regrets and with a lot of inner peace.

They love to meditate and be alone, so backpacking is a good option for every owl. Because they do everything with love, owls are good farmers, veterinarians, and biologists. They are perfectionists, also in love, so they can have several partners in more or less long periods of time until they find their ideal person.

Peacock (from November 15 to December 12)

They are (sometimes they believe to be) unique, and they claim to prove it. Their opinions are like their personality, extreme: all or nothing, white or black … no grays or midpoints. Their nature makes life unnecessarily complicated on many occasions, something that they do not like because they aspire to vital tranquility and not to have any problems (yes, sometimes they look for them).

They like to do things the first time and stand out, so if they are not quite good at something, they will look for something in which they can stand out at all. Normality does not go with them so many times they can have feeling of dissatisfaction, although when they reach their goals the gratification is maximum and they feel like the kings of the corral. At work they will be excellent actors, since they adore the versatility that the stage brings, and also writers or artists, since they can leave all their eccentricities captured on paper or canvas. In love, it is essential that a peacock feels essential and loved: they like to be pampered and cared for.

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