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Know what your zodiac sign is and what animal you are

In the tradition of many tribes across the Atlantic, people had various totems according to date of birth. East horoscope It was the most widespread means of prediction among the redskins of America, it was based on the fact that from observation and taking into account the season of birth, the destination from each person.

Whether Sioux, Apache, Seminole or Comanche based their future on the predictions of his totems: the animals that corresponded to each person according to your date of birth. These totems worked according to our zodiac signs in a way that defined the character of each person and thus it was also possible to predict how they would act according to their spirit. In addition, according to this horoscope, people would not have a single totem: there is a mineral and a complementary animal for each of the people. Then you will know which totem belongs to you according to your date of birth, or what is the same, what is your sign in the zodiac sign in the zodiac and how are you according to the tradition of the Indian or Native American horoscope:

Otter (January 20 – February 18):

They are peculiar, adapt very easily to every situation and come out of difficulties with ease. They are very original when it comes to presenting themselves to the world and they also see things from that very characteristic perspective of originality and illusion. Otter people are intuitive, very perceptual, social, brave and honest.

The natives of this sign count on the fluidity of water and the energy of the earth. An angry otter can be very rebellious and unscrupulous, although it is difficult to get to this point with them.

  • Your complementary animal: Salmon
  • Its color: Silver

Lobo (February 19 – March 20):

Extremely intuitive, wolves are cunning and see more than other people. They are as smart as tolerant and compassionate, showing against any injustice. They are also family and supportive, at the same time that they need their space and enjoy solitude from time to time to reflect.

When they get angry they are quite vindictive.

  • Your complementary animal: Bear
  • Its color: blue

Falcon (March 21 – April 19):

Leader in nature, they are ambitious, with initiative and often do a thousand things at the same time. They also have a lot ambition, like wolves, and they are bold and fast in everything they set out to do. In the same way, they can be very impatient if something does not happen as quickly as it should (according to them) and, when they get angry, they can err on the side of intolerance.

  • Your complementary animal: Cuervo
  • Its color: Yellow

Castor (April 20 – May 20):

The beaver is a cunning animal, with great mental acuity and very patient. This undoubtedly shapes his tenacious personality when it comes to achieve your purpose little by little And even if you set goals that you try to meet, you are able to adjust to unexpected problems easily. Very faithful and persevering, the beaver is a person who is grateful for life. However, when angry he can be arrogant and demanding.

  • Your complementary animal: Snake
  • Its color: blue

Deer (May 21 – June 20):

Friendly, sympathetic, the king of the forest party. He loves it be among friends and is compliant with them: communicates his joy and his will to live, although when he is not the center of attention he seems not to like the party so much. When you channel your energy in a negative way, you become irresponsible, impatient, and can become two-faced if you decide not to behave.

  • Your complementary animal: Owl
  • Its color: Verde

Woodpecker (June 21 – July 22):

Tremendously sentimental at the same time that outgoing and friendly. Woodpeckers are always surrounded by friends and like-minded people, because they like to feel protected and also because they need to feel useful and needy. They are very empathetic with others, dedicated to their family and capable of establishing very deep bonds. Their negative side: they can become jealous, possessive and spiteful.

  • Your complementary animal: Bear
  • Its color: Rosa

Salmon (July 23 – August 22):

Active, creative, generous. Salmon is a person who gets excited about everything And, best of all, it infects it. He is spontaneous and his attitude always drives him to and against the establishedeven when you don’t have the whole world going for you. Of course, salmon is a very confident person. The downside is that, at times, you can be intolerant of people who don’t think like him / her.

  • Your complementary animal: Nutria
  • Its color: Red

Bear (August 23 – September 22):

Bears are enjoy life, they do things slowly, but they do everything well: they are not left, but they love what they do. The details and the things well done, this is how the bear likes to live everyday life in order to make life more beautiful for those around him. He is a good listener and knows his people well, so he gives good advice. His negative side: he can be very skeptical, distrustful and a bit lazy.

  • Your complementary animal: Lobo
  • Its color: Violet

Raven (September 23 – October 23):

Crow totem people are very idealistic, charming, diplomatic. They keep the harmony around him and also they are very constant in what they feel, so they are also very loyal. They tend to be intuitive with relationships, no matter how close, and try to run away from conflict (crows run away from drama). If you touch the feathers they can become demanding and very vindictive.

  • Your complementary animal: Hawk
  • Its color: Brown

Snake (October 24 – November 21):

Snake totem people are moody, intuitive, and mystery lovers. Native Americans claimed that many shamans they were born under this changing sign, which nevertheless grows every time the snake sheds its skin. When they get angry they can plot revenge that would make anyone tremble …

  • Your complementary animal: Castor
  • Its color: Orange

Owl (November 22 – December 21):

Warm, calm, nice. Owls are jovial and, above all, their willingness for anything stands out do useful things. Sound of very high and frank ideals with his people, although that frankness can hurt overly sensitive people because they lack a “filter” when it comes to expressing themselves. On the negative side, they can be very quarrelsome and resentful.

  • Your complementary animal: Deer
  • Its color: Negro

Oca (December 22 – January 19):

Oca people are the most ambitious of the entire American zodiac. They are also very continued! And they had a great sense of responsibility when it comes to carrying out your goals. They are not fans of big changes and they love traditions. Passionate, affectionate and very loving, geese are great until they cross the line and they become very obsessed with anything.

  • Your complementary animal: Woodpecker
  • Its color: White

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