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Koeman, from anger over VAR to hand

  • Technology once again hurt Barça with a goal disallowed by a millimeter offside that angered the Dutch coach three days after the penalty on Jordi Alba not corrected in the Cup.

The relationship of Ronald Koeman with the VAR continues to consume episodes of anger and bitterness. Three days after the unmarked penalty on Jordi Alba in the Cup (the VAR kept the foul outside the area), Barça took another slap of technology in the match against him Alaves. After half an hour, Messi made it 2-0 after a wrong shot by Griezmann. No one saw offside on the field. Nor did it seem so in repetitions. The VAR canceled it by millimeters.

The Dutch coach was not too amused by the decision, who is on the verge of lose patience with the application of technology in Spain. In the same week in which he complained about not correcting the VAR, the demolition of Alba that seemed to be inside the area had to live another hard chapter. As in all goals, it was the validation of the cameras in that Messi goal and the final determination once again hurt Barça.

“You have to have a magnifying glass”

They go too many times and Koeman begins to despair. The offside was so insignificant that just by drawing the lines one Tenth of a second before the goal perhaps would have been valid. «Better not talk about VAR anymore. It’s not the referee’s fault you have to have a magnifying glass to decide whether or not it is “, he valued Koeman, relieved by the final little hand.

“Better not talk about this anymore. I have seen the images several times and I think there is no offside. I was surprised, but I am not the VAR”

Ronald Koeman

«I have seen the images several times and I think there is no offside. I was surprised but I am not the VAR. In the end we won and that is the important thing ». Until William Lovehabitually restrained, he spoke forcefully. «It was a legal goal. The player was coming from behind. Not a good sign that two and a half years later we continue to talk about VAR. Sometimes they stop and look at the images, sometimes they don’t, ”said the director of institutional relations.

Dialogue with Abelardo

The clear triumph did not invite to insist on the complaints. Messi avoided complications, but the Koeman’s anger it was evident with his dialogue with the referee Figueroa Vazquez and his colleague Abelard, with whom he coincided in his last year as a Barça player. El Pitu already highlighted his great relationship with Ronald, which he defined as “an excellent and very humble person.”

The Dutchman’s fussiness with these issues is not new. The first episode lived it very soon. Barça had only played five league games and october 24 classic ended with 1-3, with a penalty goal included by a slight grip from Lenglet on Ramos that Martínez Munuera punished after consulting the monitor.

“It was a legal goal. It is not a good sign that two and a half years later we continue to talk about VAR. Sometimes he stops and looks at the images, sometimes not”

William Love

«For me it is not a penalty. I hope they can explain the issue of VAR in Spain. We have been there for five days and he has only entered to harm us. Why is the VAR going only against Barça? », Koeman released then. Four months later, he continues to ask himself the same question.

Ramos’ hands

It may interest you

This thorn the technician continues to have it nailed, who returned to charge against the VAR in December when assessing the controversy of the Eibar-Madrid. The VAR did not intervene to whistle a penalty in some Ramos hands that seemed obvious. “You ask 10 people and 9 tell you it’s a penalty.”

In Seville, with that 2-0 that makes access to the Cup final uphill, he showed his anger with Mateu Lahoz. «Everyone tells me that Alba’s penalty is a penalty. I don’t know why the VAR didn’t enter. If it is missing it is within ». That play could change the script. Not always possible a messi display to certify victories.

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