Wednesday, October 27

“Koeman’s future does not depend on tonight’s game”

Does Koeman’s future depend on the match against Cádiz? That is the question that has been flying over the last few hours and the one that has been asked Joan Laporta at the gates of the concentration hotel.

“No, no,” the president has sentenced to questions from ‘El Chiringuito’. “We are with the coach. He is the coach of the Barça first team and what we want is for things to go well for him. All the coaches, and not just Koeman, are highly conditioned by the results and in the case of Barça by the game But Koeman is our coach and we are with him today, “added Laporta.

Sixth game of the season and the Barça coach is in danger. An unusual situation in the Barça club in recent years, especially since the threat looms over Koeman, a capital name in the history of the entity. A sample of the paroxysm that seems to have been installed in various estates.

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An example of the delicate moment is the situation experienced before the Cádiz-Barça. Koeman did not give the usual press conference prior to the crash on Thursday (10pm). He went to the room in front of the journalists and limited himself to reading a statement that did not exceed three minutes: 2.49 exactly. Laporta, who said Thursday that he has a “very fluid” relationship with his coach, learned of the statement a few minutes before the coach read it. But he has commented that he was not going to reprimand him for it. “I am no one to scold anyone, we are adults.”

“As we are in a somewhat rarefied situation, the best way to overcome it is by winning. And that is what we come to,” he pointed out before recalling that “at Barça if there are no results and there is no game, decisions are made consistent with this situation. (…). If we have to take them, we will take them “.

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