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Kremlin denounces “unfair competition” against Russian vaccine Sputnik V

Russian Sputnik V vaccine dose

Russian Sputnik V vaccine dose

The Kremlin denounced this Sunday the “Unfair Competition” Against Russian Covid-19 Vaccine, Sputnik V, which has already been registered in two foreign countries, Argentina and Belarus.

“Unfortunately, we have come across a lot of cases of unfair competition. Let’s remember the attacks that took place against Sputnik V. Absolutely outrageous. That, of course, did not smell of cooperation“, Dmitri Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, told public television. Peskov stressed that, with everything,” now, when Sputnik V has effectively become one of the most demanded vaccines in the world, the attacks are no longer as effective. ”

He recalled that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has called from the beginning to show a “responsible attitude” when it comes to “sharing” the vaccine with other countries and it did so at the last G20 summit. “So, in his speech, the president said precisely that cooperation for the production of the vaccine (…) must be totally depoliticized, it must be devoid of any type of state pressure or elements of competition,” he said.

In turn, he confirmed that Putin has already made the decision to get vaccinated once the Russian Ministry of Health authorized the use of Sputnik V among those over 60 on Saturday. “He, by the way, said that he would do it without fail. He said that he would be vaccinated, that he made that decision and waited to finish the procedures,” explained the presidential spokesman.

Although he considered that this decision is the sole responsibility of the president, his willingness to inoculate himself with the Russian preparation shows “the level of confidence in our vaccine and its reliability.” Last week the Russian president admitted at his annual press conference that he could not get vaccinated because his age, 68, did not allow itBut that he would do it as soon as the occasion presented itself.

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Until now, the Russian vaccine, which began to be used massively in the country on December 15, was only being applied to people between 18 and 60 years old, but as of Monday, those over that age will be able to register at health centers.

In this regard, the Direct Investment Fund, in charge of the sale of the Russian vaccine, highlighted on Saturday that clinical trials showed a efficiency “greater than 90%” in that age segment.

Argentina, which received the first batch of 300,000 doses of Sputnik V this week, will begin vaccination among its population on Tuesday. Various Latin American countries have shown great interest to receive in January the vaccine created by the Gamaleya Center, according to the Russian sovereign wealth fund.

Sputnik V showed an efficacy of 91.4% in the last control carried out in the third phase of clinical trials, data that, according to its creators, “allow us to confidently state that it is highly effective and totally safe for health”.

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