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Kristen Stewart on her portrayal of Lady Di: “I felt like she gave me her approval”

Kristen Stewart felt that Princess Diana gave her the go-ahead to play her.

Photo: ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP / Getty Images

In the last couple of years, the figure of Diana of Wales has returned to be more relevant than ever thanks to the success of the series ‘The Crown’, which reached the stage of the reign of Elizabeth II in which a very young Lady Di became part of the monarchy, and now it was her turn turn to get into the skin of the princess to Kristen Stewart in the movie ‘Spencer’.

As often happens every time an interpreter faces a role based on a real person, one of the main concerns of the protagonist of ‘Twilight’ was what would Diana herself think of her work and how she was bringing to the big screen the emotional turmoil she experienced during her 1991 stay at Sandringham, the sovereign’s private residence where the entire royal family gathers at Christmas, as she made the decision to separate from the royal family. Prince carlos.

And although Kristen doesn’t believe in paranormal phenomena, the truth is that he had the impression that the princess gave him her approval to tell her story.

“I did experience spiritual and a bit ghostly emotions doing this movie. Maybe it was just me and I was fantasizing, but I felt that she gave me her approval “he confessed during an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Stewart became so into her character that she often forgot that the mother of Princes William and Harry passed away in a tragic car accident in 1997, and the memory of it suddenly caused her “devastating pain.”

“That was very spiritual. There were times when I would think, ‘Oh my gosh’, my body and mind forgot that I was dead. It was as if she was trying to… manifest. It was strange. And wonderful. I have never felt anything like it before, ”he said.

After much expectation since the news of the news, the first images of Kristen Stewart as Lady Di were revealed a couple of weeks ago.

The first teaser for ‘Spencer’, production directed by Chilean director Pablo Larraín, impacted by the similarity of the actress with the icon of royalty.

Now Kristen is being so recognized by critics for this role that there is already talk of her Oscar nomination, and that still needs to come. on November 5 for the film to be released in theaters.

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