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Kun Agüero, the first signing of Barça de Laporta

Agüero, in the sports city of Barça

Agüero, in the sports city of Barça
FC Barcelona

The first of the second stage of Joan Laporta is he Kun Agüero. He arrived on Sunday night, having just lost the Champions League in Porto with Manchester City against Chelsea. Arrives free and signs for two seasons. He turns 33 this Wednesday and is the ‘nine’ substitute chosen by the board of directors to fill the gap left in his day by the traumatic march of Luis Suarez Atlético, whom he led to the conquest of the League. He will sign until 2023 and will have a buyout clause of 100 million euros.

Everything was so hasty that the announcement of the signing was made at four in the afternoon while it was announced that the official presentation was three hours later at the Camp Nou. Such a rush is because Kun has to join the concentration of the Argentine team to play the Copa América.

The signing of Kun, which was already announced a few days ago by Guardiola, his coach at City, invites us to think about what the continuity of Leo messi. He is one of the best friends that the Barça captain has in football. A friendship woven precisely more than three decades ago when both coincided in the U-20 World Cup that the Argentine team conquered.

Now, punished by injuries (he has barely played 12 Premier League games and signing only four goals), Kun is reunited with his great friend in Barcelona. He could come, precisely, in 2014, but then the City did not want to sell him. And Barça chose to sign Suárez from Liverpool.

Next week there will be additions“, had announced the president, who maintains, for the moment, the” period of reflection “on the future of Koeman. Laporta wanted to make it clear that his intention was to mark the “stamp” on the new sports project. And the first seal is the arrival of Kun Agüero.

Even before the agreement with the forward was official, the official website of the Barça club had announced in its programming the press conference, called urgently, even forcing the board to ask City for permission to make the signing of Kun official because his contract expires on June 30.

Market opportunity

Seven years later Kun appears at the Camp Nou, also a symptom of the delicate economic and sports reconstruction that is shaking Barça, which must settle for what are considered “market opportunities”. Eric García, the City central defender, and Georginio Wijnaldum, the Liverpool midfielder, will be the next to appear at the Camp Nou. Both, like Kun, end their contract this June 30.

It also serves to try to provide Messi with the ecosystem in the dressing room that he had for six years with Suárez. And Kun, who played a marginal role this season at City (he barely played 13 minutes in the Champions League final), stops at the Camp Nou to become the offensive alternative that provides new records for Barça, given that the experiment with Braithwaite nothing has gone well.

The club, given the serious economic crisis that distresses it, has been forced to go to the low cost market. Without money to invest in big signings, forgotten and cornered the options of Neymar, which he renewed for Paris SG, and Haaland, ready to continue at Dortmund, it is the turn of the Kun Agüero.

The negotiations, already started months ago, have accelerated in the last hours to secure the signing of the City forward just before he joined his team in the Copa América, despite the fact that it has been officially known that Argentina cannot assume organizing for the pandemic.

Kun returns to the League after his stint at Atlético de Madrid, prior to his emergence in the City where he has received legendary treatment in his farewell. He has played 10 years in the Premier before returning to Spain.

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