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Kuric and Exum get Barça out of a mess against Bayern

The Bavarian led to Barca to the limit of suffering in the Palau Blaugrana. It was the prodigious doll of Kuric, author of 20 points with four triples without fail, and the energy of the Australian dante exumantor of 9 points and 5 rebounds, relegated to a secondary role since his arrival, those who managed to get the team out of Jasikevicius of a more than complicated situation and allowed him to add his 18th victory in 23 games, in a demanding week, in which the Panathinaikos.

confront the Bavarian It has become an ordeal in recent seasons in the Euroleague. With the presence of Andrea Trincheri On the bench, the Bavarian team does not give its rival a moment of respite. It is an intense, physical block, which makes defense its bedside book. They fight for every ball, for every rebound, for every possession, as if their lives depended on them. A nuisance for anyone, as he demonstrated on his last visit to the Palau, taking the victory. And not just on the field. For the fans, accustomed this season to the delicatessen of the azulgranas, it was a most indigestible mouthful.

It is not easy to limit Barça’s attack, one of the best in the tournament, but the Bavarian He already left him at 9 points in the first quarter, the lowest score of this season and he did not let him step on his heels and return the blow to the minimum that the team of Jasikevicius he seemed to find some rhythm and fluidity and raised his head.

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physical battle

Nothing was easy for the Barcelona fans in any facet of the game, which became a physical and strategic battle. If in attack adding became a feat, in defense, he had to put all his senses into controlling the rebound so as not to make excessive concessions against a Bayern that attacked the Barça ring with two and three players on each shot and did not stop sweeping balls for second chances. The Germans fired up to 19 more shots in the first half. It is almost inexplicable that the azulgrana team was in tow for only one point at half-time (28-29).

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The thicket did not disappear on resumption, although el bavaria found inspiration from launch dand Lucic (12 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter) at the decisive moment. But in a pulse that escaped all orthodoxy, Jasikevicius found answers to get out of the quagmire in the wrist of Kuric and Miroticin the assists of Calathes but also in the muscle of Roland Smits and daviesand the explosiveness of dante exum, a different player, who found himself more comfortable than anyone else in guerrilla warfare, and gave the team another gear to grab a hard-fought victory.

FC Barcelona, ​​71 – Bayern Munich, 66

FC Barcelona: Calathes (8), Laprovittola (-), Hayes (-), Mirotic (13), Sanli (2)- starting five- Davies (8), Exum (9), Martínez (-), Smits (6), Kuric (20), Jokubaitis (5), Nnaji (-).

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7 of 14 triples (Curico, 4). 32 rebounds, 5 offensive (Mirotic, 6), 12 assists (Calathes, 4).

Bavarian: Weiler-Babb (9), Rubit (2) Lucic (16), George (-), Radosevic (3) -starting five- Deshaun Thomas (9), Walden (5), Hunter (-), Obst (3), Sisko (4), shillings (-).

9 of 21 triples (Lucia, 3) 31 rebounds, 9 offensive (Ruby, 10), 10 assists (Ruby, 3)

partial: 9-9; 19-20; 17-12; 26-25


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