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Kymco Miler 125 2021: with ABS, more stopping power and minimal consumption

Kymco Miler 125 2021: with ABS, more stopping power and minimal consumption

Kymco Miler 125 2021: with ABS, more stopping power and minimal consumption

Kymco announces the launch in Spain of its new modelKymco Miler 125 Euro 5, an urban scooter with a careful aesthetic that equips a very safe braking system to offer maximum confidence and peace of mind on the road. Is about the third proposal Kymco high wheel, after the launch of the models People S 125 People S 125Y Agility City 125, and will be available in the Spanish market in the last week of May with one year of third-party insurance as standard and with two color options: glossy white or satin brown.

The design of the new Kymco Miler 125 is sleek and modern. Is new version Euro 5 It has numerous chrome details and new quality finishes, such as the chrome-finished handles to match the mirrors and footpegs. Other body highlights are finished in piano black, and the wheels feature high-contrast polished edges. The refined aesthetics of the new Miler 125 are completed by the new indicators integrated into the bodywork and the LED light guide located in the rear position light.

Its compact dimensions and its lightness and agility allow us to talk about a fundamentally urban scooter. It only weighs 124 kilograms and its access is very comfortable thanks to the flat floor. In addition, it should be noted that the seat is very low (800 millimeters of ground clearance) and its edges are lowered, making it easier for all users to rest their feet on the ground.

In the mechanical section, the new Miler 125 incorporates a more sustainable and environmentally friendly 4-stroke single cylinder engine which has managed to reduce consumption by 4%. What’s more, the scooter needs 2.4 liters to travel 100 kilometers. Likewise, its emission levels are well below the limits established in the Euro 5 standard. Its hydrocarbon emissions levels (THC) represent 60% of what is allowed, its nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are at 40% of the limit and its carbon monoxide (CO) emissions only 20%.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the new Kymco Miler 125 equips the anti-lock braking system ABS, the element that provides the most safety to motorcycle users in urban environments as it is the one that best responds to emergency braking. This confidence is even greater thanks to the new 260 mm diameter front brake disc (15% larger than in the previous version), since offers far superior and precise stopping power.

With these two new reinforcements, the owners of the new Kymco Miler 125 will have the security they need for their urban trips and also, if they need to stop the vehicle urgently and unexpectedly, they will have full control over the motorcycle.

Data sheet of the new Kymco Miler 125 2021

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