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Kyrsten Sinema, Washington’s most hated senator



October 26, 2021 will go down in history as the first time a Senate president entered a session wearing a cowboy vest. It may seem like a minor detail, but it is not. The journalists, devoted to the cowboy even in the most formal occasions, we know it well. On the doorstep of the sacrosanct United States Senate, a menacing poster warns: “Forbidden to enter with jeans”. The offender in question, who was presiding in turn, was Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Tucson, 1976), who has become one of the most hated people in the American capital for his refusal to swallow with Joe Biden’s pharaonic spending package and its partners, 3.5 billion

dollars (3.1 trillion euros).

Sinema won the senatorial election in the conservative state of Arizona in 2018, and broke a record: he is the first person openly bisexual to occupy a seat, and not just any, but the one that between 1953 and 1965 belonged to the legendary Republican Barry Goldwater, candidate for president in 1964 and predecessor of the conservative revolution of the 80s. Since his arrival at the Capitol – she was a deputy between 2013 and 2019– has starred in an amazing pilgrimage from the most leftist activism to a liberal center that many in his party find him excessively conservative. From protesting against the war in Iraq and the wall on the border, he has gone on to oppose increasing the minimum wage and subsidies of all kinds.

Sinema has broken many taboos. It declares John McCain admirer, the Republican senator who fought for the presidency in 2008. The worst thing, in the eyes of his party, is that it was the Democrat who voted in favor of more Trump proposals during the presidency of this. During the pandemic, he has stood out not for his votes but for his outfits: he has worn purple, pink, green and blue wigs, his spokesmen say that because he has not wanted to go to the hairdressers for fear of contracting the virus. On the day of his swearing-in in the Senate, he appeared in a pink coat, a gray fur stole and a platinum Madonna hairstyle that made the pages of all the fashion magazines.

Then the rank and file of his party lived a honeymoon with the first Democrat to hold a seat in Arizona since 1995. And while they were in the minority and without passing major laws, things went well. Until, in January, by the hair, the Democrats took control of the Senate. They have 51 votes compared to 50 Republicans. A single defection is a fatal wound.

And there, Sinema has found the right point of rebellion to have your nervous party every day. Along with Senator Joe Manchin, he’s the latest hurdle for Biden to pass his social spending package. The fury of the rank and file has been noted. They persecute her in the corridors of the Capitol, in supermarkets, airports and even in public bathrooms, accusing her of condemning her own party to irrelevance, of blow up the left unit. The senator has chosen to say it all with her eyes. It does not usually drop garment. And when you want to get noticed, just takes a walk in the closet, as when he decided to give everyone the great comb that supposes to stand to preside over the Senate of the first world power with a jean vest.

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