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La Madrila de Cáceres will have more police surveillance to avoid noise and that the schedules are not exceeded

Conyser operators cleaning the area for drinks in Plaza de Albatros, two weekends ago. / TODAY

The City Council has given a special order to the agents to intensify control after complaints about the return of nightlife

La Madrila de Cáceres will have more police surveillance to avoid early-morning noise in the street and that the premises do not close after the permitted hour. To do this, the City Council has given a special order to the Local Police so that the agents intensify the controls in this nightlife area, to which the noises have returned after the end of the limitations established during the months of the pandemic.

The president of the neighborhood association, Miguel Salazar, warned last week in this newspaper of the return of noise and dirt to the Plaza de Albatros, in Madrila Baja, where most of the local drinks are located and in the that groups of young people stay drinking when these businesses close while others in the area reopen at 7:00 in the morning.

“To avoid noise and exceed the permitted hours, there will be a greater police presence and greater control over these aspects,” indicates the City Council in a press release, in which it also reports the traffic sanctions that the Local Police last March. As indicated, 56 related to speeding, detected with radar, are relevant.

On the other hand, in the Employment, Human Resources, Internal Regime, Local Police and Security Vidal commission, the Councilor for Security, María José Pulido, announced this Wednesday the security plans that the Local Police will carry out during Holy Week, the descent of the Virgin, Saint George and the Womad.

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employment data

In terms of employment, Pulido reported that Cáceres closed the month of March with 7,650 unemployed people, of which 3,116 are men and 4,534 are women, which represents a total of 112 fewer unemployed than in February.

On the other hand, the city had 35,516 people working and registered with Social Security in March, of which 6,139 were self-employed. The affiliation has grown by 135 more compared to the previous month, and the self-employed have risen 0.9%, with 56 more, thanks to professional activities and tourism.

“This shows that we are still in a positive evolution in terms of unemployment in the city,” Pulido stressed.

Likewise, the councilor pointed out that in the year the affiliates have risen 2.37%, «tourism and commerce are the ones that have caused this evolution with 269 and 146 more respectively, and the self-employed have risen 1.74% with 105 new self-employed workers”.

As far as companies are concerned, Cáceres registered a total of 3,463 companies in Social Security in March, 19 more than in February. And in relation to the year, the number of companies has increased by 3.25% with 109 more.

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