Wednesday, January 26

La Nucía adds a point to lead to Christmas (0-0)

La Nucía added a point in his duel against the Granada subsidiary that helped him to stay at the top of the table in group 5 of Second RFEF, despite the fact that Intercity tied him. In this way, the rojillos, who had numerous occasions to score, will spend the Christmas holidays as leaders.

Camilo Cano’s duel closed the year for the nuciero project, which from the hand of César Ferrando started as a covered and sought to close the year leading his group. Consecrated the project of a team that makes its goals good and that maintains an enviable defensive solidity, Granada B sought to scratch something positive.

Unhurriedly and once again managing the rhythm of the duel, the locals initially looked for the area defended by Sarr, to whom the work came on the fast track in the first minute of the meeting after a shot by Marc Mas to which the goal of the subsidiary responded with a better intervention. The rojillos, who from the beginning wanted to mark territory, returned to step on the area of ​​the Nasrid team on a new occasion that Fer Pina failed to materialize.

With the ball hovering around the visiting area, the stopped ball also wanted to be a weapon for the locals, who although they sent the leather to the small area with danger, they could not find anyone capable of responding to said dispatch. The local dominance during the first half hour was evident, offensively drying up a Granada more concerned with saving the furniture behind than with generating danger on the frame of Jaume Valens.

The visitors, who stretched out for half an hour, enjoyed a couple of arrivals in which Moisés first avoided the goal and Brau, minutes later, caught a leather at the far post that he was not able to give a good resolution to. . In the final stretch of a fast-paced first half, the locals once again tried their luck in an action by Dasquet that saved Barcia in a providential way for the Nasrid team. The last bullet of the first half fell to visitors, but he ran into Álex Salto.

After the break, the locals continued striking in search of opening the electronic, while Granada multiplied its defensive work to withstand the red attacks. On the basis of insistence, Marc Mas again made Sarr work. On the way to the quarter hour of the second half, Ferrando made a triple change in which with Fofo and Miñano for the medullary and Mariano Sanz in attack he sought to give a plus when it came to undoing the framework that the visiting coach had woven and that was still resisting the passage of minutes.

Over and over again the arrivals occurred, first with Fofo finishing off deflected and then with a new action by Manu Viana to which Sarr resolved. The last ten minutes seemed to give a bit more mordant to a Granada that looked strong enough to strike the bell, but neither Cristian, with a high blow, nor Raúl Martínez saw port, so a duel was concluded in which the foul local hitting and the visiting order weighed down the result to the initial draw.


La Nucia CF: Jaume Valens, Romera, Moises, Alex Salto, Kevin (Javi Martín m.54), Adri Leon, Dasquet (Miñano, m.58), Fer Pina (Cristian, m.82), Manu Viana, Borja ( Fofo, m.58) and Marc Más (Mariano Sanz, m.58).

Recreativo Granada: Sarr, Raúl (Eú, m.91), Barcia, Pepe, Sepulveda (Diego, m.78), Martin Solar, Echu (Gutiérrez, m.78), Bryan (Raúl Martínez, m.78), Da Costa, Youness and Brau.

Goals: there were no

Referee: Angelov Borisov (Balearic Committee). TA by locals to Fer Pina and by visitors to Sepulveda, Barcia, Younnes and Diego.

Incidents: Olympic Camilo Cano. 450 spectators.

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