Thursday, January 27

“La Nucía is going to be a complicated rival, nowadays nobody is easy to beat”

Jesús Muñoz, in the Martínez Valero press room

Jesús Muñoz, in the Martínez Valero press room

Although the coach of the ElcheCF, Jorge Almiron, has tested negative in the PCR, has been able to direct the training this Tuesday and tomorrow (12 hours) will be on the bench in the match of the CoDeldel Rey versus La Nucía it was his second, Jesus Muñoz, who has attended the media in the press conference prior to the clash of the KO tournament.

Muñoz has warned that despite the fact that La Nucía is a Second B team “He’s going to be a tough opponent. Nowadays, in football you don’t beat anyone easily, especially if you go out relaxed. La Nucía has a great coach and a squad with a mix of youth and seniority who compete very well. We trust in our possibilities, We are going with thwinning, and of winning and offering good feelings that reinforce us for Sunday’s League game against Getafe. We are convinced of passing the tie, but we have to show superiority on the field. ”

The second coach of the Elche team has not wanted to give any clue about the call, or about the possible starting eleven, although he has announced that there will be a call. He did not want to reveal if Koné, which is more outside than inside the club will be among those called or if Diego Gonzalez and Nuke Mfulu, who have been out during the last games due to injury are now fit to play. “Koné has been working well and the fact that he has been left out in the last calls and the youth squad has entered Salinas They are for technical reasons. We analyze the rivals and our players and, based on that, we make the list. I understand that when a professional is left out, doubts arise, but there is nothing beyond technical and tactical issues. ”

As for Diego GonFullz and Mfulu, he commented that the center-back “is carrying out a set-up after his injury Fulluke has been with the group for longer. We will decide the best possible call.”

Jesús Muñoz has also been asked about Guido Carrillo and for his physical form after he is not having many minutes this season. “He has had physical problems, but we expechim, and from him and we know that he will give it to us. We have full confidence, he works spectacularly and on Sunday he was traded at halftime for tactical reasons.”

Elche’s second coach has celebrated that, finally, Almirón can be with the team. “This is news that makes us all happy. We were looking forward to him coming back to the bottom of the canyon and taking over the ship as captain.”

Muñoz has acknowledged that in the dressing room there is concern after 10 days without winning, which has led Elche to place in relegation places. “It is clear that we are concerned about the dynamic of results that we have. We all want to win, but we must do it from peace of mind. We cannot lose our cool, have a cool head and work every day to change the situation. We have to have confidence and know that everything has to be changed through the results. We must continue to seek a victory that strengthens us. In qualifying, we are all teams in a handkerchief and if we win a game we will get out of there, but we have to win it. On Sunday we have a very complicated rival (Getafe), but we are also a difficult team to beat for the opponents. We always go out with thwinning, and of winning and we have to change the dynamics as soon as possible. ”

In that sense, Elche’s second coach considers that the Cup match this Wednesday in La Nucía can be an important opportunity to win and regain self-esteem. “A game is always a good time to break the dynamic. Itmatch, andficial match and we wear the Elche shirt. Even if it is against a lower category rival, if we do not match their intensity and their enthusiasm we will have a bad time. We want to pass the tie and give a good image. It will also be an opportunity for less common players to see how he is doing. The only intention is to play a good game and the most important thing is to leave good feelings.

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