Monday, January 24

La Nucía will have a budget of 30 million euros in 2022

The City Council of La Nucía will have a municipal budget of de 30.839.360 euros, 11% more than last year. The accounts will allocate 2.5 million for Social Emergency aid and grants. Municipal accounts that will combat the economic crisis and unemployment with 1.5 million in job training for “unemployed”. After presentation to the media, the general accounts of the City Council of La Nucía for next year 2022, will go through a plenary session this coming Wednesday, December 22.

“Next year we will continue with the 9 lines of economic aid, to help the most needy and families with fewer resources,” said the mayor, Bernabé Cano. They will also be investors with 5.4 million euros to build new infrastructures such as the new Health Office in Bello Horizonte, the Smart Tourist Office. And they are also “sustainable since they include the expansion of the network of electric vehicle charging points, the installation of photovoltaic panels in public buildings and the acquisition of electric cars for the municipal fleet ”He added.

In 2022, the City Council of La Nucía will allocate a total of 2.5 million euros for social emergency aid (Family Assistance COVID-19, Energy Poverty Assistance – electricity supply, Rental Assistance, Pangea, Day Center … etc) and municipal subsidies, to reach the neediest people in the municipality in this current “economic crisis”.

In 2022, the nine subsidies that will be awarded by the La Nucía City Council will continue: 1. IBI Financial Aid 2. Subsidy for University Transportation, 3. Subsidy for l’Escola Infantil Bressol, 4. Subsidy for Garbage Rates, 5. Financial Assistance for Recycling in Ecoparque, 6. Subsidy for Water Rates, 7. Subsidy for the Permanent School for Adults, 8. Subsidy for Day Center Users and 9. Subsidy for Escola d’Estiu students.

For employment will be invested 1.5 million euros in training courses for the unemployed through different lines such as Et Formem, EMCORP, EMPUJU, Employment Workshop, School of Trades, EMCUJU … etc.

In the 2022 budget, 5.4 million to the investment chapter, thanks to which work will be carried out on the Camí Ermita de Sant Vicent, Riuet Sequet retaining wall in Urb. Nucia Park, Road and Asphalt Improvements, Rural Roads Improvement, Bello Horizonte Health Auxiliary Clinic, Smart Tourist Office, Promote Electronic Administration, Expansion of the Network Recharging points for electric vehicles, Photovoltaic panels in public buildings, Acquisition of electric vehicles in the municipal fleet and Expansion of the System of Traffic Control Surveillance Cameras … etc.

The City Council of La Nucía will have in 2022 a budget of expenses of 30.624.254,19 euros and income from 30.839.360 euros, what will give a surplus of 215,105.81 euros.

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