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La Palma registers nearly a thousand earthquakes in three days

The volcano of La Palma December began with the largest episode of seismicity since the eruptive process began on September 19. In three days, seismographs have registered nearly a thousand tremors, with the 95% of them detected at medium depths in what is a sign that the magma deposits are in constant motion. And it is that the lava continues to gush, although it does so almost exclusively because of the second cone that was born last weekend and that moves down the slope on old lava flows. Technicians and scientists continue to monitor this material before the possibility of reactivate front number 8, who since last October 21 has been detained outside the church of La Laguna.

The activity of the main cone is “scarce and intermittent”, with a predominance of fumaroles


The National Geographic Institute (IGN) detected between 00 and 20 hours yesterday another 309 earthquakes, a figure that, although not as high as the previous day (376), does reaffirm the trend of seismicity during the last three days in which the have registered up to 862 earthquakes, coinciding with the opening of the new issuing center. Of these, 34 were felt by the population. The highest magnitude occurred at 8.30 in the morning on Monday, 5.0 mbLg, 35 kilometers deep and with an intensity IV (widely observed) – V (strong). IGN scientists do not rule out that they occur with intensity VI (slightly harmful).

The lava that expels the crater formed on Saturday is located 800 meters from the church of San Isidro


Meanwhile, all the palm trees continue to look towards the volcano. The main cone has lost strength since the second crater formed at dawn last Saturday. The scientific report of Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca) He pointed out yesterday that the original chimney has a “scarce and intermittent” activity, in which a “fumarolic” phase predominates, in reference to the gases and vapors that it expels. With this panorama, the emission of lava is concentrated in the second of the cones, the one formed to the northeast that in a matter of three days has built a building several tens of meters high. Pevolca reported that “small landslides” are taking place in this crater, with “blocks” that are transported by the lava that advances through already trodden terrain.

The Military Emergency Unit (UME) has already baptized this new front, which is located 800 meters from the church ofe La Laguna, with the number 12. According to Morcuende, this language had originally covered areas that had been spared from the action of the volcano, but as it has progressed it has joined the 8 and rides through old streams. “We are closely monitoring the energy that is influencing the casting front 8” which, as Morcuende stated, “could be of concern.” That concern It comes from its possible reactivation after being unemployed for 41 days. This front is located near the religious temple of the aforementioned Llanense neighborhood, so the slightest movement could affect the iconic building and dozens of houses that still remain standing. “The greater the push, the greater the concern,” said the technical director of the emergency.

The weather, for its part, is allowing the population of the Aridane valley to breathe during this week since both the sulfur dioxide parameters and particles smaller than 10 microns, the so-called PM10 associated with ash, remain at good values. In addition, the airport is expected to operate normally until at least next Saturday.

El Involcan, from the Canary Islands

The Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan), a company dependent on the Cabildo de Tenerife, held its board of directors yesterday at the Cabildo de La Palma with the analysis of the contribution of the institute to the management of the volcanic emergency on the Island and the measures that they will continue to be adopted, among the items on the agenda. “Today we have started the process for this institution to be directed and managed by the Government of the Canary Islands and participated by the island councils in order to strengthen this research center that is of the highest level in the international arena,” explained the president of the Cabildo from Tenerife, Pedro Martín, who added that the processing be carried out in 2022. | LP / DLP


Earthquakes in three days

  • IGN seismographs have recorded up to 862 earthquakes in the last three days. The busiest day of the entire eruptive process was Tuesday with a total of 376.


last pasted

  • The stream that was formed from the creation of the new crater at dawn last Saturday has been called number 12. This ran yesterday on already solidified material.


Affected surface

  • The area affected by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano now amounts to 1,134 hectares. The southern lava delta is 43 hectares in size and the northern one is 5.05 hectares.

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