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La Real reaches glory 34 years later

  • An unconscious penalty by Iñigo Martínez on Portu sinks a thick Athletic and allows Oyarzabal to unbalance a historic final

  • The donostiarras had not won a title since the 1987 Cup in which they beat Atlético on penalties

  • The ‘lions’, who have lost their last five finals in the KO tournament, will repeat the appointment on April 17 against Barça.

The big date of the basque football exalted the Real society, who conquered his first title in 34 years. It was not a wonderful final, far from it, but it did fulfill the uncertainty, tension and nervousness that always characterize these duels. A penalty of Iñigo Martínez in Portu converted by Oyarzabal catapulted the donostiarras in Seville (0-1) and sank Athletic, which has lost its last five Cup finals.

On April 17, the rojiblanco team will return to the same stage, trying to avoid their sixth misfortune in the final before him Barça. It will be a good occasion to alleviate penaltiesBut this Saturday’s defeat will hurt for a long time. Next Wednesday, in addition, the derby will be repeated in the League and Athletic could do the corridor to his rival in Anoeta.


It was one of those nights that they are remembered for a lifetime. Never before in history has there been a final between the two greats of Basque football and who knows if it will be repeated. There were also some tremendous win in both teams to recover the glory times of the 80s, when they conquered the League twice.

His last success in the Cup also dated from that time. Athletic was crowned for the last time in 1984 in the mythical final of the Bernabéu against him Barça that ended with a pitched battle with Maradona as the main objective of the lions. The donostiarras had not raised the title since 1987, when they beat Atlético on penalties. In that eleven, veterans like Arconada, Górriz and López Ufarte with the emerging Bakero and Begiristian. Now the new heroes are Oyarzabal, Merino or the veteran Silva, that enlarges his magnificent career with his 20th title.

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Incomplete party

Athletic and Real had to endorse the excellent trajectory in a tournament that had its key moment in the quarterfinals of February 2020, when Athletic eliminated the Barça with Garitano on the bench (1-0). In the same round, the Real knocked down the Madrid (3-4) and the stars began to line up to gestate the final this Saturday.

One year after the date initially set, the stage of La Cartuja hosted the great duel without an audience. The pandemic prevented the party from being complete at the stadium. The Cup final, one of the most exciting matches of the year, is not the same without the fans. Some made up for it in their own way without respecting sanitary measures and causing serious altercations. This happened in Pozas, the bar area of ​​Bilbao in which there were several destruction and police charges. Containers were also burned and the Basque police asked through the networks for citizen collaboration to identify the radicals.

Tremendous downpour

There were no excessive surprises in the staging of both sets. Marcelino solved the double pivot question with Winner, while Bailiff bet on Zubimendi instead of the injured Illarramendi.

The recklessness of the international center-back unbalanced a more intense than attractive final that ended with 8 minutes added

For more epic, as soon as the final began, a tremendous downpour that complicated the game. Happier under these conditions, Athletic started with more intensity, but soon the pulse was balanced with a greater role for the defenses than for the creative players.

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In that battle the central, who paid homage to punt, starting with Iñigo Martinez, which took center stage. The international central starred in the best occasion of the first half with a missile destroyed by Remiro.

VAR review

The second part began with controversy. The VAR reviewed a Iñigo’s hand that was finally taken out outside the area after a few minutes of tension. Nothing remarkable happened on the lawn, waiting for any error or detail that would tip the balance.

That action came in a Iñigo’s unconscious penalty on Portu that he did not waste Oyarzabal. The Catalan Estrada initially showed the red to the defender, but the VAR turned it into yellow. A thick Athletic sought the draw without fortune, but the Real held on and exploded with joy in a lackluster final that ended with eight minutes of added time.

Athletic, 0; Real Sociedad, 1

Athletic: Unai Simón; De Marcos, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri; Berenguer, Vencedor, Dani García, Muniain; Williams, Raúl García. Changes: Unai López for Vencedor (d. 67); Vesga by Dani García (d. 75); Villalibre by Berenguer (d. 75); Cape by Yuri (d. 92).

Real society: Remiro; Gorosabel, Zubeldia, Le Normand, Monreal; Merino, Zubimendi, Silva; Portu, Isak, Oyarzabal. Changes: Guevara for Silva (m. 84); Barrenetxea de Portu (c. 87); Carlos Fernández de Isak (c. 88); Aritz Elustondo de Gorosabel (d. 93).

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Goals: 0-1 (m. 63), Oyarzabal, from a penalty committed by Iñigo.

Referee: Estrada Fernández, Catalan. He was assisted in the band by Guadalupe Porras, the first referee present in a Copa del Rey final.

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Cards: Dani García, Iñigo Martínez, Merino.

Stadium: La Cartuja.

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