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La Vila already has a company for the CEIP Doctor Esquerdo works that could begin in June

The barracks of the Doctor Esquerdo de La Vila school in a file photo.  |  DAVID REVENGA

The barracks of the Doctor Esquerdo de La Vila school in a file photo. | DAVID REVENGA

The new building that will end decades of barracks of CEIP Doctor Álvaro Esquerdo de La Vila Joiosa is getting closer. The City Council already has a company to carry out the works that, if the deadlines are met, could begin in June. Thus, it has been a joint venture of two companies that has offered the most advantageous offer for the municipality and the one that will have to carry out the action valued at almost 6 million euros.

The tender for the works of this public center began in July 2020 after having to be delayed due to the pandemic. After a month of submission of offers, 14 specialized companies opted to keep the contract that started from a tender budget of 5,810,712.50 euros, VAT included (4,802,241 without VAT).

After different meetings of the Contracting Board, the City Council has concluded this process and it was the UTE Alcudia Servicios y Obras together with PROM, the latter a local company, which presented the most advantageous offer, remaining the first in the process.

With this procedure, the countdown to start the works has now begun. After already having a company for this, a period of allegations opens that will last about a month, as explained by the Councilor for Education, Xente Sebastià. After him, the contract with the chosen company will be formalized and the reconsideration act will be signed. The mayor told this newspaper that the work “foreseeably will begin in June”, a date that has been set to “not catch our fingers”, although they could start earlier if all the procedures are completed quickly.

Simulation of the new building of Doctor Esquerdo. | INFORMATION

This company has submitted an offer of 4,486,734.45 euros, VAT not included, below the bidding price but just 400,000 euros. The councilor for the area indicated that “in the tender we have given more weight to technical criteria” rather than economic ones. And it is that the City Council wants to make sure that the action is carried out and meets all the requirements.

It should be remembered that the project of the new CEIP Doctor Álvaro Esquerdo is withinl Building Plan of the Ministry of Education; therefore, the entire process for its construction is managed by the City Council. But in addition, the autonomous department classified it as a “project of special technical difficulty” given the conditions of the orography of the land located in the block of Ciudad de Requena street. This means that the execution period is marked in 18 months, although the company that has managed to be the first has set it at another minimum “450 days” (15 months), according to the mayor.

The mayor, Andreu Verdú, said yesterday that the “most positive” thing is that “decades of teaching in barracks will be ended shortly” at this center. The councilor added that the students and teachers will be able “in a short time, to study and teach in decent and adequate facilities.”

40 years of barracks

Worthy and appropriate because the schoolchildren have been teaching in barracks for more than 40 years at this school that, until the Edificant arrived, was only a promise on paper. But they are not the only students in barracks in La Vila since about 1,000 students in this municipality teach in prefabricated classrooms. Along with the Esquerdo, there is the IES Marcos Zaragoza and the CEIP Gasparot.

The latter is also on the way to having a new building. Education put out to tender in January the works of the same for the second time in a year after resigning the first company that won the contest. The deadline for submitting offers ended this past Wednesday and now we will have to see which is the most advantageous. It should be remembered that the cost of the tender was 6,925,524.04 euros and the works will have a term of 12 months of execution. The councilor indicated that the works could also start in June if the procedures and deadlines are met. Everything so that the schoolchildren of these centers can study between brick and non-prefabricated walls.

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