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La Vila modifies the Esquerdo project to include two classrooms for 2-year-olds

The Mayor of Vila Joiosa, Andreu Verdú, and the General Director of Educational Infrastructures of the Generalitat, Víctor Garcia, met in Valencia on Tuesday together with other members of the Town Council and representatives of the UTE in charge of the works of the new CEIP Esquerdo to Address this request from the Ministry, to which the City Council will respond with its own means in case the budgeted remainder is not sufficient.

Today, the Generalitat includes these 2-year-old Infant classrooms in the construction of all its educational infrastructures “to provide more educational facilities for the total schooling of 2-year-old boys and girls in the Valencian Community “, the same sources have added.

The project of the new CEIP Esquerdo de la Vila Joiosa, accepted in the Building Plan of the Generalitat and drafted prior to the new educational projects of the Ministry, it did not initially contemplate these 2-year classrooms, so its inclusion now in it could exceed the agreed budget of the work.

“Where the Generalitat does not arrive, the Vila Joiosa City Council will respond to guarantee a public, dignified and accessible education for our municipality ”, said the Mayor of Vila Joiosa, Andreu Verdú.

The general director of Educational Infrastructures, Víctor Garcia, explains that “the investment that the Department allocates to each action of the Edificant plan is enough so that with the remaining remainder, the construction of the 2-year-old classrooms and other improvements can be undertaken, but in the case of CEIP Esquerdo, due to the characteristics of the work, the rise in the price of construction materials that is taking place worldwide it can consume the budget surplus ”. “This would force us, once the new school is finished, to start a second Building in which the Ministry would guarantee the investment necessary to build the classrooms for Infant 2 years,” says Garcia. “We are grateful that the Vila-Joiosa City Council is willing to collaborate if necessary, since this commitment ensures that the classrooms for Infant 2 years are finished at the same time as the rest of the new CEIP Esquerdo ”, concludes the general director.

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Recreation of the project of the new CEIP Doctor Esquerdo. INFORMATION

Thus, the City Council responds to the Generalitat for the construction of these two 2-year classrooms for the new CEIP Esquerdo, in addition to guaranteeing attention to other requirements presented by the educational community of the center, such as the construction of a climbing wall, with the intention that are integrated into the main building of the new school without involving a construction attached to it, and without affecting the development of the work, which will continue to meet the agreed deadlines.

The Gasparot project already provided for these classrooms

In the case of the new CEIP Gasparot de la Vila Joiosa, another educational project of the Generalitat currently under construction in the municipality, Yes, the construction of these classrooms is contemplated of Infant 2 years on the paper, reason why its construction continues absent of eventualities.

The new CEIP Esquerdo, the result of the commitment of the Government of Vila Joiosa and the Consell to eliminate the precarious situation of the teaching centers in barracks of Vila Joiosa and the entire Valencian territory, has an investment of 6.2 million euros and It is part of the more than 27.4 million euros allocated by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports to improve six educational centers in Vila Joiosa.

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