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‘La voz kids’: this is how the new voices that join the teams of Bisbal, Rosario, Melendi and Vanesa sound

'La voz kids': this is how the new voices sound.

‘La voz kids’: this is how the new voices sound.

Antena 3 issued this Friday a new installment of ‘The voice Kids’. On the fourth night of blind auditions, the coaches expanded their respective teams with up-and-coming young musicians.

Vanesa Martin Y Melendi they were the most successful, recruiting three small artists each. David Bisbal managed to incorporate two new contestants into his team, the same number that he signed Rosario Flores for your own.

Carla, Samanta and Marina stay with Vanesa

One of the big winners of the night was Vanesa, who added three new artists to her team. One of them was Carla, who at 15 surprised with his powerful voice. “I turned around as soon as you did the falsetto because I sensed that you were going to have a lot of control. You haven’t out of tune even half a syllable and I know you were nervous,” the coach told her.

Seed, who could choose between Rosario and Vanesa, finally opted for the second. “You are very small and you have a lot of life left to clarify some things, but the most important thing is the heart and the desire. You have that”, valued the malagueña.

Vanesa highlighted on the other hand the difficulty of the performance of Marina, who also became part of his team: “I turned around because I felt the need to give you the opportunity to work here, to give you a song with which you shine.”

Melendi gets three ‘talents’: Alejandro, David and Lucas

A round night also for Melendi, who signed three other voices for her team. Alejandro It was one of them, a 14-year-old young man with whom he identified: “I see myself very much reflected in you when I started. I see in that character a shyness that must be overcome. You have a great voice and if you improve, you will go very far.”

Despite the nerves, David He also found a place in the Melendi team, which highlighted his personality: “I am faithful to my principles and I always say that I like original and recognizable voices. You have that.”

Lucas He starred in one of the most emotional moments of the night, as he burst into tears when the Spaniard turned at the last moment. “I think you have a great quality in your voice, you are very agile. It is not difficult for you to change notes. I could not let you escape because I think you can grow a lot in this program,” Melendi said after giving him a big hug.

José Ángel and Erik, direct to Rosario’s team

Rosario was not left empty-handed either and got two new talents on her team. Jose Angel, known as ‘El Popo’ In her closest environment, she left the coach very surprised: “I’ve been listening to you and there are little things, but it’s your nerves. You have a very nice complaint and you are very flamenco singing.”

Rosario’s group also made landfall Erik. “He has a temperament and a singing power that I love. You have a lot of strength and a lot of anger,” said the artist.

Bisbal’s team increases with Samuel and Noa

Bisbal also brought two new voices to his team. Samuel He captivated the Almeria native, who was convinced that the contestant would choose Rosario: “I have powers and I know that you are going to go with her.” A prediction that ultimately did not come true, as the applicant joined their ranks.

The finishing touch put it Noa, which after making a plenary session opted for David Bisbal. “I liked the color of your voice and your technique,” said the singer.

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