Saturday, December 4

La Vuelta en Verde, the solidarity action of Caja Rural Central

The cycling team sponsored by Caja Rural Central in this Vuelta a España 2021

The cycling team sponsored by Caja Rural Central in this Vuelta a España 2021

The Caja Rural-Seguros RGA team, Caja Rural Central (CRC) and main sponsors have come together to develop The Green Tour, a sustainable tour that shows that their solidarity grows every year. The Green Tour is an alternative lap with the same stage map as the Tour of Spain. In each of its stages launches a digital challenge that becomes a donation for a sustainable project located in the territory in which that stage has developed.

This initiative is materialized in 21 sustainable goals along the route of the Vuelta a España 2021 and aims to achieve 21 goals to improve the world. The CRC’s sustainable goal will go to the project prevention and fight against poverty and social exclusion carried out the Hospitalidad Santa Teresa de Cartagena Foundation.

Caja Rural Central invites you to collaborate with its initiative to reach the minimum number of 1,000 likes on social networks

With the stage of La Vuelta, tomorrow Saturday, with departure in Santa Pola and arrival at Manga del Mar Menor, Central Rural Bank invites everyone to collaborate with his initiative to reach the minimum number of 1,000 likes on social networks. This digital challenge proposed by the Oriolana entity is going to transform into € 2,000 for the benefit of the foundation. For this stage, The Green Tour It has a very special godmother, a very well-known adoption from Alicante on the networks. Isabel Delima, a “Super Mami Fit” who will invite everyone to join the challenge through social networks to achieve CRC’s goal and financially help the Hospitalidad Santa Teresa Foundation.

Collaborate has a prize

Among all the people who have collaborated with the challenge by contributing their like on social networks and who, in addition, have mentioned a friend in comments, a box of Smartbox experiences will be raffled. Also, at the end of La Vuelta en Verde there will be another raffle among all the people who have participated in the challenges of each of the stages and the winner will receive a box of Smartbox experiences “3 dream days”.

The Caja Rural-Seguros RGA cycling team, which in this new edition faces its tenth consecutive return to Spain, take advantage of the participation in the cycling competition to stand out as the more supportive team, combining elite sport and social work. In the last decade, the cycling team sponsored by CRC, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA, has been the protagonist during its participation in La Vuelta a España due to the multiple solidarity actions promoted that have involved more than 580,000 euros donated to solidarity social causes to support the most disadvantaged.

Likewise, this year, the Caja Rural-Seguros RGA cycling team has opted to be a sustainable team with the driving Toyota hybrid vehicles that reduce environmental impact. Also, in the Jersey of cyclists has incorporated a new pocket «Eco Pocket» to facilitate the introduction of waste during the race and thus avoid dumping waste on the road.

With the most needy

CRC manages the Obra Social fund for emergencies and needs of disadvantaged groups that, as a result of the current situation, have been more unprotected than ever. The entity feels especially satisfied to be able to contribute to improving the life of its surroundings, in all senses: economic, social, cultural and sporting. The CRC’s business model is committed to the development of the municipalities in its area of ​​implementation and of the populations where it has a presence, causing a large part of the benefits obtained to revert to the local communities, both in terms of financing and social, cultural and sports development.

Its corporate social responsibility policy includes guaranteeing the provision of financial services in municipalities included in its scope of action. A proof of this is that the Oriolana entity has not closed any office in the towns where it has a presence. The capillarity of their network of offices and physical proximity allows them to maintain a close connection with the territory and facilitates greater understanding the concerns of partners and customers.

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