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Labor intervenes in the EREs of BBVA and Caixabank with two “warning letters”




The Ministry of Labor of Yolanda Díaz goes on to attack the ERE of Caixabank and BBVA. It does so by means of two letters sent to both entities and to the representatives of the workers in order to pressure to reduce the number of affected employees, as ‘El País’ has advanced and this newspaper has been able to confirm.

Verónica Martínez Barbero, General Director of Labor, is the signatory of the letters, under the subject of “Warning letter”. Thus, the institution requires banks “to carry out a consultation period that is strictly respectful of the formalities and, especially, of each of the contents set forth in the applicable regulations.”

The documents refer to the fact that the ERE initiated present “elements of special gravity and significance, both due to the impact that the communicated business intention has on employment, and, in particular, due to its effects on workers.” In the case of Caixabank the departures are expected to affect almost 7,800 people, and is especially relevant given that the State, through the FROB, holds 16.1% of the firm’s capital; in the case of BBVA, the affected people are around 3,450.

Work states in his letters that he “makes an express warning of the obligation that During the consultation period, the measures aimed at avoiding or reducing collective dismissals should be discussed. and to mitigate its consequences for the people affected, by resorting to accompanying social measures ”. Both entities have indicated on several occasions their dialogue attitude in the face of job adjustments and that they hope to reach the best possible agreement for all.

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These letters are produced in the middle of the negotiation of both collective dismissal processes and their knowledge coincides with the celebration of the Caixabank shareholders’ meeting, in which the unions plan to make noise to protest against the ERE.

This is not the first time that the Government has attacked the banks for their job adjustments – also for the salaries of managers. Weeks ago, Díaz and Nadia Calviño, economic vice president, already charged the entities for these two aspects and advanced that they would intervene to lower the final figures of the ERE. Economic Affairs has not gone that far and it has been Labor that has chosen to actively interfere in the processes as a labor authority.

The also vice president Yolanda Diaz has explained this morning that the letters are a “warning” for entities, in order to comply with labor regulations. “From the Government we are determined to point out that these are not times of collective layoffs,” he explained, while recalling that financial institutions have received large public aid. «This is not the time for layoffs. We have to collectively get out of the crisis, making efforts together, “he added.

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