Friday, October 7

Labor leader Keir Starmer will not be fined for breaching anticovid restrictions

  • Nor will Labor “number two” Angela Rayner be sanctioned in connection with the alleged incident that occurred during a party meeting in Durham in April 2021

The leader of the British Labor Party, Keir Starmer, will not be fined for allegedly violating anticovid restrictions at an event in the north of England in 2021, Durham police reported Friday. The leader of the main opposition formation had said that, in case he was fined, he would present his resignation.

Likewise, Labor’s “number two” will not receive a sanction, Angela Rayner, in relation to the alleged incident during a party meeting in Durham in April 2021, ahead of a by-election in the Hartlepool constituency.

“Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner have always been clear that Durham did not break the rules. The police have concluded their investigation and have indicated that there is no case to answer,” said a spokeswoman for the Labor Party. Like Starmer, Rayner had promised to resign if law enforcement concluded that she had not followed the rules put in place to control the spread of covid-19.

‘party gate’

The case of the two politicians was investigated after a video surfaced showing Starmer drinking a bottle of beer while having lunch with colleagues in the offices of the Labor MP Mary Foy, Parliamentary for Durham. Labor had indicated that Starmer and Rayner had eaten between work events, something that was within the rules.

In a statement, the police said that, after evaluating the case, they have decided “Issue no sanction notification regarding the meeting and no further action will be taken.” “The investigation has been thorough, detailed and proportionate,” he added in the note.

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Related news

Unlike Starmer, the now acting British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was fined last April for having participated in a party in the Downing Street residences when the pandemic restrictions were in force.

Johnson, who yesterday resigned as leader of the Conservative Party, refused at all times to resign due to the controversy over the parties, despite the fact that an investigation into the so-called “Partygate”, by official Sue Gray, criticized the internal culture in Downing Street, where high amounts of alcohol were consumed.

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