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Lack of work for older actresses is “fair enough,” says Maureen Lipman | Maureen lipman

Maureen Lipman has said that older actresses are “thrown away” after a certain age, but added, “That’s fair enough, isn’t it? The same thing happens to a leaf on a tree. “

In an interview with Radio Times, the actress, who works on Coronation Street, acknowledged that there is “a certain invisibility” at her age.

“Although Maggie Smith and Judi Dench have done well, there is not much drama work for older actresses,” Lipman said. And you have to understand that every older actress still thinks she’s 34 years old. Look at Joan Collins. And just because you’re 74, it doesn’t mean you believe it. “

The actor added that there are other exceptions, such as Sheila Hancock, who is in her 80s and still appears on BBC Radio 4’s Just a Minute, adopting a measured tone when speaking of her own aging.

“I don’t sit around thinking about my absence from society, because I’m too busy with my life,” Lipman said. “Yeah, maybe they’ll throw us out after a certain age, but that’s fair enough, isn’t it? The same thing happens to a leaf on a tree. “

Lipman, who was born in Hull and became a stage actress with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Laurence Olivier National Theater Company, before embarking on a career on the big screen with roles in films such as Raising Rita, said she plans to work for as long as possible. .

“I lost a lot of friends and it really makes you realize that you have to do the job while you can still do it,” he said. “When I was 71 years old, I paced in Richmond, showing my legs and not thinking about anything. So I will continue working as long as I am healthy ”.

The creative union Equity launched a campaign earlier this month to raise awareness of the plight of older actors and other creative workers, some of whom are struggling to find jobs during the Covid pandemic.

Equity’s petition particularly focused on those over 70, who are not covered by the government-backed insurance plan for the film and television industries, brought in to get the industry back on track after the pandemic forced to close the productions.

Tony Robinson, who backed the campaign, said being over 70 has often given artists “pariah status”Because they are considered risky by the producers.

The petition calls on the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to “come to the table and work with Equity on a solution so that older creative workers can safely return to work.” DCMS said it would work with Equity “to understand the challenges facing the creative and cultural sectors.”

Lipman, who was a lifelong Labor supporter but distanced herself from the party, first because of Ed Miliband’s support for recognizing the Palestinian state in 2014 and again during the anti-Semitist feud, said that by removing the whip from former leader Jeremy Corbyn , the party has “turned him from a spent force into a martyr.”

He added that Corbyn’s successor, Keir Starmer, has “started to work and has certainly been saying the right things. I think the main thing is that Starmer is excellent in the House of Commons, and Corbyn never was. “

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