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Lady Gaga, Rosalía and Rita Ora, fans of the Alicante designer Dominnico

Lady Gaga and Rosalía wearing designs by Alicante Dominnico.

Lady Gaga and Rosalía wearing designs by Alicante Dominnico.

Naomi Watts, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, Sofía Vergara, Gigi Haddy, Lady Gaga, Irina Shayk, Lily Collins or Maluma have in common their taste for him spanish design. Creators such as Dominnico, Charo Ruiz, Teresa Helbig, The 2nd Skin Co, Ana Locking or the proposals of the Mango firm are among their favorites.

The influence of international actresses, models and singers has made it possible for Spanish designers shine on the international fashion circuit. This is the case of the Alicante designer Domingo Rodriguez. And is that famous like Lady Gaga, Rosalía, Lizzo, Rita Ora or the rappers Doja Cat y Ashnikko his fans of Dominnico, firm created by the young man from Alicante, who loves to create contemporary luxury designs for the show.

“I feel grateful and fortunate to dress strong women, with principles and attitude,” the designer explained this Friday to Efe, who acknowledged: “Thanks to the media power of these artists, I am more international.”

The same happens with Charo Ruiz, who is a veteran designer who treasures the Ibizan style, known as the Adlib fashion. Since the end of the 70s, when he began to sell in the “hippy” market of Es Canar in Ibiza, Charo Ruiz has known how to adapt to all times, maintaining the craftsmanship and the Spanish seal as a flag, designs that today are sold in the international window displays of Net-A Porter, Harrods, Browns or Bloomingdales.

Their steamy, artisan and romantic designs with showy lace and guipure wefts have called the attention of singer Taylor Swift and actress Sofía Vergara.

But not only they, they have also passed through its international model stores such as Bella Hadid, Naomi Cambell, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio o Elle Macpherson.

At the company Mango has become one of the favorites of Naomi Watts, Katie Holmes, Gigi Irina Shayk or Lily Collins, celebrities who have chosen comfortable and warm coats to face the cold this winter.

The 2nd Skin Co., a Spanish firm created by Antonio Burillo and Juan Carlos Fernández, with a point of sale in Los Angeles, is a favorite of Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya or Lily Collins, who on several occasions have dressed these pieces with a Spanish stamp.

The designer Teresa Helbig is another of the Spanish women who has landed in the United States with artisan designs, unique pieces that are already in the dressing rooms of Daisy Ridley, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Zendaya, Olivia Wilde or Priyanka Chopra.

For a few years, Spanish design has lived among international stars. Miley Cirus was one of the first to set her eyes on Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s designs or those of María Ke Fisherman.

Beyoncé wore a model from Palomo Spain to present their twins in society on social media. The pop diva, Madonna chose one of her gowns for the video of ‘Medellín’ with Maluma dressed by the creator Ana Locking.

If the queen of the corset, Maya Hansen, has made creations for Lady Gaga and also for Katy Perry, Andrés Gallardo has come up with colorful accessories for fellow singer Lana del Rey.

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