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LaLiga denounces the racist attacks on Vinicius and Nico Williams

Vinicius, during the Mallorca-Real Madrid League match. / Reuters

Matchday 28

“Go pick up bananas,” a Mallorca fan yelled at the Real Madrid Brazilian striker, while another from Betis imitated a monkey in front of the Athletic player

Amador Gomez

LaLiga has reported to the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) and the Anti-Violence Commission the racist attacks on Vinicius and Nico Williams during the Mallorca-Real Madrid and Betis-Athletic matches, as well as the chants of “Puta Real Madrid , puta Real Madrid» uttered by some 500 local fans located in the animation stands of Son Moix. In the 29th minute of the League match played on Monday by the championship leader in Palma, Mallorca fans located in said stands «sang in a choral and coordinated way for approximately six seconds chants of ‘uh, uh, uh, uh’, directed to Vinicius”, according to LaLiga, which also highlights in its complaint that a fan of the Balearic team shouted at the Brazilian striker the expression: “Go pick up bananas”.

In the case of Nico Williams, in the 82nd minute of the match played by Athletic against Betis at Villamarín, from the low south goal stand of the Sevillian stadium, several supporters hurled insults at the footballer from the Bilbao team such as “your dead” and ” motherfucker”. A minute later, “one of the (Betis) fans gesticulated ostensibly with his arms imitating a monkey”, also addressing Nico Williams, according to the club management complaint. LaLiga recalls in its letter that, among the violence prevention measures adopted by Betis through the video scoreboards in its stadium, “fans were informed on several occasions that the club is being denounced by the competent authorities for the Intolerant chants uttered from the stands”, in addition to issuing messages with the motto ‘Fans + respect: Live football'”.

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More forceful in theory was Mallorca on Monday during the match against Madrid. According to LaLiga, “various prevention messages against racism, violence and xenophobia in sports venues were broadcast through the stadium’s public address system”, in addition to others with the motto: ‘Mallorca shows its resounding rejection of any violent act , racist or xenophobic in football’.

Vinicius had previously been the victim of racist insults in Spanish football, this season at the Camp Nou during the La Liga first round classic, and the case was also denounced by LaLiga, although it did not go further, while Nico Williams is the first time he suffers them. His brother Iñaki did suffer from them two years ago in Cornellà during a match against Espanyol, in what was the first complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged hate crime in a First or Second stadium. Also LaLiga, which appears as a private prosecution in court, recently denounced the racist attacks on Carlos Akapo, a Cádiz player, in Los Cármenes, made by a Granada fan who was sanctioned by the Prosecutor’s Office with a fine of 6,000 euros, in addition of the prohibition to enter any sports venue for one year.

Week Against Racism

The complaints from LaLiga for the racist behavior towards Vinicius and Nico Williams have been presented precisely during the Week Against Racism that was launched this Wednesday and will last until March 21, the date on which the International Day of Racism is celebrated. Elimination of Racial Discrimination. LaLiga, together with EA Sports FIFA 22, has decided to carry out an initiative, called “Together vs Racism”, “which seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of eradicating racism in all areas of society, including football and the gaming”.

Among the actions that will take place during this Week Against Racism is the creation of a kit for EA Sports FIFA 22, the development of a filter on social networks, “so that everyone can show their support for the initiative from home ».


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