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LALIQUA: They create projects with their own personality

Interior garden that offers warmth to the environment.

Interior garden that offers warmth to the environment.

LALIQUA was born from the passion and enthusiasm of an interior designer from Alicante named Lali Cárceles who from an early age arouses a great interest in the fashion, the decor, the interior design and the art.

Thus, LALIQUA arises, which is a call to design, decoration, elegance and articles with soul. Try to create luxury designer spaces accessible without neglecting its functionality, with the personality and essence represented in its owners and capable of transmitting positive energies. In this sense, they contribute creative solutions working with high resolution 2D and 3D drawings, to offer you a vision as realistic as possible to the final result, conclusions, successful completions in each project.

Lali Cárceles, interior designer.

They select each piece with care and awareness, each of them will have a reason to be in their place and their beauty will make you fall in love with them too.

The basis of the project is capture people’s personalities who trust them to help them with their projects. In addition, they bet on the spanish crafts and local crafts, without leaving behind influences from other cultures and countries. At LALIQUA they value the unique pieces for a lifetime, but above all they are identified by the ability to adapt any style to that of their clients.

Mediterranean style project.

This Mediterranean-style project was carried out with great affection by LALIQUA and its interior designer Lali Cárceles, for a villa in San Vicente del Raspeig and awarded with the premio Design excellence award 2020.

In order to LALIQUA the customization is important and that is why they love it design custom furniture and work hand in hand with the best trusted professionals in each trade to shape the dreams of their clients.

Therefore, they love to innovate and propose creative solutions that make a difference. For example, in another interior design project in Alicante, a Interior garden for the stair area and native materials were used to offer warmth to the environment.

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And how could it be otherwise for LALIQUA and his interior designer, Lali Cárceles, for all the years dedicated to the retail world as visual merchandising For Inditex, here they present a preview of what is a small retail project in which they thank Lorena Asensio for advanced aesthetics, for her trust in them to accompany her in her new professional commitment.

Lorena Asensio Advanced Aesthetics Project.

Custom projects

In addition, they have carried out a variety of projects of different styles such as Art deco o de style minimalist. From LALIQUA they highlight the infinity of possibilities that can be counted on when zoning, distributing and decorating the same space.

Minimalist bedroom.

When it comes to the minimalist style, it is important to optimize space Since they try to reduce the elements to the essential and to prove this they have designed a custom wardrobe taking advantage of the head of the bed that at the same time acts as a divider between rooms with its sliding door. For more information about this project you can consult this link.

Art Deco style.

This project of Art Deco style interior design transports us from the glamor of the 20s to a space of the 21st century, this style is characterized by its geometric shapes, rich colors and their powerful shapes. For LALIQUA, as an interior designer in Alicante, this project meant everything a challenge which he enjoyed to the fullest, “we are passionate about creating spaces that make a difference and leave no one indifferent.”

The curvilinear and rectilinear shapes are iconic for interior design of the Art Deco era, offering a touch of femininity, elegance and sophistication to environments.

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