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Lamar Jackson chases ‘Superman’ Cam Newton for most rushing touchdowns as a quarterback

Lamar Jackson may be the gold standard for NFL quarterbacks in 2020, but he made sure to give the “OG” credit this season.

In this case, the ‘original gangster’ Jackson is referring to is Cam Newton. The duo first met as headlines in the NFL on “Sunday Night Football” of Week 10 on NBC when the Patriots host the Ravens. Jackson started looking at Newton in Auburn and wanted to be like him.

When it comes to double-threat quarterbacks, Newton has set a high bar in the NFL. He’s lived up to his “Superman” nickname that Jackson repeated multiple times in Week 10. Newton is the all-time top rushing TD scorer among quarterbacks in league history, and while Jackson (along with Kyler Murray and Josh Allen) will likely make a run. in that, Newton ran for an additional 12 touchdowns in 2020. He’s not making catching him on that leaderboard an easy task, but Jackson can’t wait to share the field with him.

“He’s a mobile quarterback. He does his thing,” Jackson said. told the media in week 10. “He won the Heisman, he won the college championship, he won the MVP, he went to the Super Bowl. I followed him a lot, I wanted to get to where he is. Now I’m here, now I have to play him. I can’t wait to do that.”

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Who has the fastest TDs as a quarterback?

Cam Newton has the most rushing touchdowns of any quarterback in NFL history, and he’s still adding to his total. After week 17 of the 2020 season, Newton has had 70 touchdowns. Here is the list of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time to score on the ground:

  1. Cam Newton – 70
  2. Steve Young – 43
  3. Jack Kemp – 40
  4. Steve McNair – 37
  5. Tobin Rote – 37
  6. Michael Vick – 36
  7. Randall Cunningham – 35
  8. Steve Grogan – 35
  9. Daunte culpepper – 3. 4
  10. John elway, Otto Graham, YA title – 33

There is still a decent way to go for some of the best quarterbacks still active in the NFL. Here’s how some of them stack up against the best running scorers at QB position of all time (all stats as of week 17 of the 2020 season).

  • Josh allen – 25
  • Russell wilson – twenty-one
  • Lamar jackson – 19
  • Kyler murray – fifteen

And in case you’re wondering about some of the shrewdest and most veteran quarterbacks?

  • Aaron Rodgers – 31
  • Drew brees – 25
  • Tom brady – 24

Comparing Cam Newton to Lamar Jackson as runners

Everyone knows Newton is a threat as a running back, and everyone knows Jackson is a threat as a running back. But that doesn’t mean that they do it the same way.

Newton is a big man, measuring 6 to 5 and weighing 245 pounds. They don’t make runners the size of Newton, but the best comparison in terms of the difficulty of taking him down would be Derrick Henry. Newton’s size makes it nearly impossible to stop near the goal line. In his career, 58 of Newton’s 66 rushing touchdowns (88 percent) have come from within the 10-yard line.

Jackson isn’t small, but his 6-2, 212-pound frame develops very differently as a running back than Newton’s. He is a master at taking defenders figuratively out of their shoes. Run away from people once you get space in high school. It does not invite contact in the same way as Newton. That led to six of Jackson’s 15 NFL rushing touchdowns (40 percent) coming from outside the 10-yard line.

However, despite their differences in style, Newton and Jackson are immensely difficult to take down.

If you’re looking for a Newton comparison, it’s likely Josh Allen at Buffalo who tops the drives with penalty runs at the goal line. Jackson and Murray are more in the changing mold of Michael Vick. Either way, they both add a dimension that defenses don’t normally have to take into account.

Before this era of mobile quarterbacks, a defense could essentially count on the quarterback staying in the pocket. Vick and Newton really started to push us into an era where that’s no longer true, and Jackson, Murray, and Allen are pushing it to a whole new level. If the defenses don’t take the quarterback into account, they’ll burn out. And with Newton first and now Jackson, even when the defense pays attention to them, they often have no chance of stopping these double threat stars.

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