Monday, January 24

#LaMarcaQueDejas, much more than a slogan

Since its inception in 1896, for Roche corporate social responsibility has been an integrating element between all employees and all company processes. Now, the multinational pharmaceutical company, under the hashtag #LaMarcaQueDejas, presents its new CSR brand, which seeks to integrate all its actions in the field of corporate social responsibility. Its 125 years of history bear witness to its footprint on the environment and on the history of millions of people who have been able to benefit from its diagnostic and treatment products for oncological, neurological or rare diseases. That is why every day they work to continue leaving a mark. A unique brand that is committed to science and innovation, health, the sustainability of the system and respect for the environment and the fight against inequalities.

What is #LaMarcaQueDejas?

#LaMarcaQueDejas unifies all CSR initiatives: it is a way of understanding commitment and responsibility with society and the planet. It can be explained as follows: if each person can leave a unique mark in everything they do, many people, united by the same goal, can leave an indelible mark. Under this premise, it is intended to act by responding to the main needs that exist today around the three pillars on which its CSR is built: people, the health environment and the planet. Three pillars that guide the company’s CSR actions and go hand in hand with the values ​​that #LaMarcaQueDejas emanates, which serves as a narrative and strategic vehicle for Roche’s corporate social responsibility.

The pillars on which CSR is supported

  1. People and Well-being. These are actions aimed at responding to the needs of society, promoting activities that fight for people in vulnerable situations and at risk of social exclusion, such as corporate volunteering with Adopta Un Abuelo or collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles in their solidarity career.

  2. Planet. This pillar encompasses the policies aimed at reducing Roche’s environmental impact, generating a positive footprint to fight climate change, promoting the use of renewable energies and promoting the circular economy.

  3. Health Environment. It is the quintessence of the company, and includes those actions aimed at providing added value to the healthcare environment, promoting universal access to healthcare. Examples of actions:

  4. The mark you leave, beyond the consultation. Roche initiative to give voice to the solidarity experiences of health professionals who go beyond the vocation of their work.

  5. Stop Brain Drain. Scholarships that seek to retain the country’s research talent.

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