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Lambán is silent before the pact between the PSOE and Bildu to “not generate noise”




The president of Aragon and regional leader of the PSOE, Javier Lambán, has avoided criticizing the pact between the PSOE-Podemos government and the Bildu abertzales to approve the General State Budgets. He says it is better to be “restrained” so as not to contribute to political tension.

Lambán, who on other occasions has come out openly against the independence movement and who in his day criticized Pedro Sánchez for his approach to the nationalists, has now chosen not to question the controversial support of lThe political heirs of ETA to the PSOE-Podemos Government. Lambán now says that he prefers not to speak in order to “not generate noise.”

«There is so much noise and so much anger in Spanish politics that those of us who bet on the agreement, on centrality and on the search for good governance for the country we have to start being restrained in our statements, “said Lambán this Saturday in Tauste (Zaragoza), after being asked for his opinion regarding the pacts between the Socialists and Bildu. “I’m not going to generate noise, because I don’t want to”, remarked the Aragonese president and regional leader of the PSOE.

For years, Lambán has been among the “barons” critical of Sánchez and most belligerent with the independence movement. In his day he was among those who forced the departure of Pedro Sánchez from the general secretary of the PSOE. Later, when he returned to present himself again to lead the PSOE, Lambán aligned himself with the candidacy of the Andalusian Susana diaz, which ended up losing.

On repeated occasions, the president of Aragon has attacked the independence movement and has urged to stand up to it, instead of seeking compromises, pacts or concessions. A year ago, for example, he called to “put in their place” to the independentistas and applauded the action of the Civil Guard in Catalonia. Now however, after the consummated budget alliance between the PSOE and Bildu, Lambán prefer to be silent in full controversy over the alliances and agreements between the Sánchez government and the radical independence movement.

Close ranks with the Celáa Law

This Saturday, the Aragonese president was also asked about the controversial Celáa Law, the new educational law promoted by the Government of Sánchez from the ministry directed by Isabel Celáa. Lambán also chose in this case not to criticize any of the aspects of this law, with which Spanish ceases to appear as a vehicular language of education and as an official language of the State, and that has also aroused the concerted education to see in this new legislation an attack on these centers.

The concerted teaching is manifested this weekend throughout Spain against the Celáa Law, but Lambán considers that they are unjustified demonstrations. “The new Education Law does not give reasons for this demonstration, concerted education should not feel attacked,” said Lambán. This saturday.

In any case, the Aragonese president took the opportunity to defend the model of concerted education, affirming that the Aragonese Government that he presides over has been contributing for years to a “balanced cooperation” between concerted public and private centers, and assured that he will continue working in the same line. “The Government of Aragon is going to protect this good relationship and coexistence,” he said.

Javier Lambán has led the Aragonese Government for more than five years. In the previous legislature he governed in coalition with the Chunta nationalists. In the current mandate, after the regional elections of May 2019, the PSOE of Lambán governs in Aragon in a quadripartite that shares with Podemos, the Chunta and the liberal-regionalists of the PAR.

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