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Lambán rectifies and confines the three provinces of Aragon at Christmas before the serious rebound of Covid




He Government of Aragon has decided keep the three provinces of the region confined during Christmas, a week after President Javier Lambán (PSOE) announced that he would allow free travel between Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel. Of course, it will allow travel between the three provinces for Christmas family reunions, in addition to other cases of need.

In the case of trips for family reunions, they can be made freely on December 24, 25, 26 and 31, and January 1 and 2. It will be enough that, whoever travels, carries a statement signed by himself in which he says that he is traveling to go to a certain place and details the family members with whom he will meet.

The Aragonese government assures that, “in view of the evolution” of the infections, it has had to correct and reverse the “Christmas plan” that it announced a week ago, although the practical scope of the rectification is limited: maintains the reopening of bars, restaurants and gyms that the Government authorized only four days ago; and the confinements, both between the three Aragonese provinces and with neighboring regions, allow trips for family reunions.

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After more than a week of escalation, the Lambán Executive has ended up recognizing that there is a worrying rebound – which ABC has been reporting all these days. In addition, the Aragonese Government has confessed to having data indicating that this escalation will worsen “in the near future.” And all this when Aragon still does not overcome his third wave of infections, that suffers from two months ago so what it has killed more than a thousand people in this region since mid-October.

Contradictory version chain

The panorama drawn today by the Aragonese Government is totally different from the one it described just a week ago, when it announced the relaxation of the restrictions that it has now had to clarify. And that Saturday, a week ago, his own official statistics had already been two days indicating a clear rebound in infections. Now they recognize that there is a black horizon in sight, even though just 40 hours ago – late on Thursday afternoon – the regional executive issued a statement in which it continued to try to sweeten the situation and spoke of a “slight rise” in infections. In fact, when it issued the statement, infections had soared 37% in one week.

The forcefulness of the data has finally led the Aragonese Government to back down, although not completely. Thus, despite the dark panorama that the Aragonese authorities recognized today, the Government of Lambán has decided that bars, restaurants and gyms remain open, and with extended hours. This reopening of the premises and the extension of the hours until ten at night came into effect last Tuesday. And so it will continue, for now.

Lambán apologizes for the “mistakes”

The fluctuation in the decisions that the Government of Aragon has been adopting has led Lambán to apologize. His Minister of Health has even recognized that these changes generate in the population a “State of confusion difficult to accept at times”.

Repollés has also apologized for his part in managing the pandemic that Lambán has acknowledged is full of “mistakes.” Of course, in the next line he has justified those “errors” by stating that “it was impossible not to commit them”, and that the same thing has happened – he has said – to the rest of the governments, inside and outside Spain.

Bad trend

The Aragonese Minister of Health and its General Director of Public Health, Francisco Javier Fanlo, have recognized that hospital occupancy continues to be high and that infections are increasing worryingly. They have warned that it is a situation that must be corrected, to contain or try to stop a new wave of infections that can even compromise or hinder the start of the vaccination campaign against Covid.

The Minister of Health has recognized, without nuances, that “The prediction (of infections) is ascending”. Cast at a time when Aragon continues to be above 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in accumulated rate in 14 days. That is, it is still above the health alarm threshold by Covid, and a worsening is already taken for sure in the coming days and weeks. “In the worst case scenario in four weeks we would double the cases”, has indicated Sira Repollés.

To ensure compliance with the limitations, the Government of Aragon has appealed to the collaboration of the State Security Corps and Forces, so that they implement roadblocks in the main steps with neighboring communities and with France.

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