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Land Rover Defender 2022, the most complete and versatile off-road vehicle

Land Rover Defender 2022, the most complete and versatile off-road vehicle

Land Rover Defender 2022, the most complete and versatile off-road vehicle

Land Rover has in the Defender the perfect example of its pillars as a brand. It is a premium and elegant car, connected with the latest technology and loaded with an arsenal of security systems. In addition, it is an all-rounder of those that no longer remain. Competing in a market where the Wrangler from Jeep It is one of the few direct rivals it has, this vehicle is available in its 2022 range with engines for all tastes, from traditional combustion, without denying diesel, something very fashionable lately, until electrification, which increases its performance and capabilities offroad to unprecedented levels so far.

Aesthetically it is imposing. It is a big car, of 4.78 meters in length, in the 110 version, a width of 1.99 meters and a height of 1.96 meters. Its three meter (110) wheelbase allows a huge and spacious cabin, in which five passengers, or six (90) or seven (110), can travel comfortably. Your trunk has 1,075 liters capacity or 2,380 liters when the second row of seats is folded down.

Its design follows the basic patterns of what a all terrain. It is square, with quite sharp lines, but takes a modern approach, with softened angles that create a very interesting contrast between rudeness and fluidity. Short overhangs or tailgate hinges are classic features of Land Rover. Some will find in this design an argument to opt for the car.

The interior is cut by the same pattern. It is inspired by the classic SUVs but at the same time it is modern. From Land Rover they have taken a practical approach, so that everything has its function, such as the handles integrated into the design, which allow a good grip in demanding driving conditions. The central screen will allow the management of the infotainment system Beer Pro, while physical controls are reserved for HVAC and functions offroad. The instrument cluster is also digital, with clear and well-distributed information.

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2022 range

The range Land Rover defend is made up of the finishes Defender, X-Dynamic, one of the novelties, Defend X, S, I KNOW Y HSE. In addition, it has several optional accessory packages that can be purchased separately. The mechanical options go through the well-known six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines, always with micro-hybrid technology (MHEV) available in 200 CV, 249 CV y ​​300 CV; for gasoline engines of 300 or 400 CV, available or not as MHEV; and for the plug-in hybrid version P400e. Delivery 400 CV combining its electric and gasoline propeller and has 43 kilometers of 100% electric autonomy, which corresponds to the ‘zero emissions’ label of the DGT.

The great novelty of the range 2022 is the performance version P525, powered by a motor V8 of gasoline that delivers 525 CV of power to establish itself as the most powerful and exclusive variant of the off-road range. Accelerates from 0 to 100 in 5.2 seconds in its 90 version, with a short body, and reaches the 240 km/h maximum speed. All, without losing an iota of its offroad ability, because then it would cease to be true to its essence. On the contrary, it is able to control all its power and use it to its advantage in unfavorable situations, as we could see in Les Comes, Barcelona, while elevating the fun on tricky slopes.

To guarantee good performance off the asphalt and in the most difficult situations, the Defender equips the system Terrain Response, which, among other functions, continuously analyzes the terrain to adapt the response of the chassis to it and that the driver only has to focus on driving. In addition, it has systems such as descent control, specific programs for various terrains and the wading program. The Defender part from 63.900 euros, Meanwhile he V8 reaches the 139.151 euros. The plug-in hybrid starts in the 76.347 euros.

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