Thursday, October 28

Landslide in Miami | “I hope that my mother is alive, or that at least she has not felt pain”: the drama of the relatives of the disappeared in the collapsed building

  • Carlos Serrano (@carliserrano)
  • BBC News World

Magaly Ramsey

Magaly Ramsey’s mother is one of the missing.

Family members of those in the collapsed building in Miami battle long hours of pain, despair and uncertainty.

“The most difficult thing is know nothingBetsy González tells BBC Mundo, who since Thursday morning has been waiting for some news from her niece Anaeli Rodríguez and her husband Marcos Guara, and from the couple’s two daughters.

González’s relatives are among the dozens of missing after the collapse in the early hours of Thursday of a part of the residential building Champlain Towers, a 12-story condominium and more than 130 apartments facing the sea, in the north of Miami-Dade County.

After learning of the tragedy, González and hundreds of people passed on Thursday gathered at the Surfside Community Center, a few blocks from the collapsed building.

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