Saturday, October 16

Laporta articulates its board with only three vice presidents

  • Rafa Yuste will be the first vice president in charge of the sports area

  • Elena Fort, the only woman on the board, will assume the institutional area

  • Eduard Romeu will have financial control of the entity

  • Ferran Olivé has been appointed by Laporta as the entity’s treasurer

  • Josep Cubells, who was already with the leader in 2003, is the secretary of the board

  • The board of directors has appointed Jordi Casals as the new president of Barça B

A small and selective nucleus has chosen Joan Laporta to be the one who leads the managerial tasks of Barça in its second stage. The new president has appointed three vice presidents. Maintains trust in Rafael Yuste, who has the rank of first vice president and head of the sports area, the same responsibility that he held from 2008 to 2010. Elena’s fort will be vice president responsible for the institutional area, remaining Eduard romeo, the eyes and the hands of Jose Elijah, one of the main supporters of the Laporta board, as the economic vice president of the institution.

From there, the distribution of portfolios for Laporta continued after the first meeting of the new board, which lasted more than four hours, held in the Roma room at the Camp Nou. Ferran Olivé has been appointed as club treasurer, while Josep Cubells, the only one who was in 2003 with Laporta, along with Alfons ‘Tito’ Castro, is now the new secretary of the board. Cubells He has already exercised this same function in the last two years of the mandate of Laporta (2008-2010).

Four must be ratified by the Assembly

There, four members of the Laporta board of directors who must be ratified in the next assembly of delegates held by Barça because they were not included in the electoral candidacy. Is about Eduard Romeo and Ferran Olivé, who will have control of the club’s cash, in addition to angel Riudalbàs Y Joan Soler.

Laporta has not distributed, for the moment, the responsibilities of the 15 members, who make up the third level of its board

The responsibilities of the 15 members that make up the third level of the board have not yet been defined. Nor has it chosen a spokesperson to represent the board before the media.

It may interest you

That meeting has been attended Ferran Reverter, the new CEO of the club, although he has not yet been officially appointed because the position belongs to Òscar Grau. Mateo Alemany, who is destined to be the general director of football, did not attend that first appointment.

The first measure of the Laporta board, beyond studying the club’s accounts and commissioning an audit to have an exact photograph, has been to appoint Jordi Casals as president of Barça B. He had previously been president of Santboià (2001-2009) and of the Catalan Football Federation (2009-2010). Now, he will be the head of the Barça subsidiary.

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