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Laporta: “Dembélé? The coach will decide”

“Dembélé? The coach will decide. It’s his decision.” Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, ​​has been forceful about the future of the French striker in the next six months, once the renewal offer has been cancelled. “Xavi works for the immediate present and for next season. A player who has not wanted to renew and we will not have him later is more difficult for him to play”, warned the leader.

“That renewal proposal expired on December 20 and we have not understood the player’s position,” said the Barça manager, indicating that it is up to the coach to manage that complex presence of Dembélé in the Barça dressing room because now he has more options attack (Ferran, Adama and Aubameyang) than before. “His agents have not wanted to accept the renewal,” added Laporta.

“Since December 20 there has been no other proposal. During these months an attempt has been made to negotiate a new proposal, but his aspirations were unaffordable,” Laporta admitted, indicating that Dembélé’s situation has “similarities” with those of Mbappe (Paris SG) or Dybala (Juventus) who are out of contract and continue to play for their respective clubs. “We have all been a little disappointed with him. We have understood his injuries and his disappointments because he feels that we have not treated him properly,” said the president.

“He had complaints that the media have lacked affection towards him. And we wanted to understand everything. Come on: ‘Let’s cross and line, renew and show all the talent you have’. But there is some disappointment, we have treated him both the coach and I. Barça has not been able to enjoy all his talent”, acknowledged the Barça manager.

“We had the illusion that with the renewal we would see the best Dembélé, who is an extraordinary player”, admitted Laporta, indicating that they would assess “all the options to execute the best for the interests of Barça”. Among them the dismissal or the letter of freedom of the French striker, although the president has not wanted to specify what it would be.

“Xavi has to work for the present and for the immediate future. If he hasn’t wanted to renew, it’s more difficult for him to play,” Laporta stressed. “In training he participates as one more, he is super motivated and the coach will decide what is most appropriate taking into account today and tomorrow”, he specified. jordi cruyffa member of the Barça technical secretariat who attended Adama Traoré’s presentation ceremony at the Camp Nou Auditori 1899 because Mateu Germanythe club’s director of football, was, as Laporta has said, in “Mallorca for a family matter”.

Different landscape for Ousmane

Barça meditates what it will do with Dembele Y Xavi, In the meantime, you have more options than before. The landscape, as he has said Jordi Cruyff, It has changed substantially. “The club has brought three vertical players, with dribbling and imbalance. It has three new attacking players, who come from the Premier, accustomed to a higher rhythm”, said the member of the technical secretariat in reference to Ferran Torres, Adama Traore and Aubameyang.

“That plot has been further reinforced. In November and December there was a situation and now, on the other hand, there are many more options for the coach”, he stressed jordi cruyff. “Xavi is just as surprised as we are that he has not accepted the renewal. If it is available, he will decide”, he has reiterated laporta now placing all the responsibility on the coach.

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“We want players like Adama who are committed to the club. We have not understood Dembélé’s position,” said the president, insisting that he still thinks he is better than Mbappé. “No, I don’t regret it. One thing is what he thinks and another is the performance. But, for that, we made him such a good renewal offer, admitted like that by the player himself.”

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