Saturday, October 16

Laporta initiates the change

  • The new president signs the dismissal of Albert Soler, who was the director of professional sections

  • It also dispenses with Román Gómez Ponti, the head of the legal area, involved in the ‘Barçagate’

  • Alexanko will return as head of grassroots football in place of Kluivert, whose contract expires on June 30

  • In the offices the old power nucleus of Bartomeu still coexists with that of the new directive

After the speech, improvised, without any paper, which lasted almost 35 minutes, where he laid out the main lines of his second time at Barça, Joan Laporta chose silence to start his journey. He left gestures full of symbolism (his debut, for example, was accompanying Jordi Alba at the inauguration of a Cruyff Court in L’Hospitalet) as a starting point.

For the moment, the Barça president adopts the same low profile that he used, and with great success, in the elections of last March 7, where he swept by obtaining 30,184 votes, with a percentage of 54.28%, while among Victor Fuente (16,679) and Toni Freixa (4,769) gathered 21,448 supporters.

In his early days at the club, the manager has used the same low profile that he used successfully in the election campaign

For now, Laporta has begun the change in a stealthy way, firing first by the plumbers of Bartomeu. The second level of executives, while waiting for Ferran Reverter, the new CEO of the club who already works internally at Barça, can officially assume that position as important as it is strategic in the manager’s plan.

The first executives to leave the offices have been Albert soler, director of the professional sections, who landed in 2014, then as director of institutional relations, and Romanian Gómez Ponti, that arrived in 2010, coinciding with the beginning of the mandate of Sandro Rosell, who was the head of the legal area. Also involved, as he was in the Barçagate scandal.expands remodeling

They are two top-level executives, who set the tone for the extensive remodeling that Laporta intends to carry out. Òscar Grau, the CEO chosen by Bartomeu since September 2016, will provisionally assume the functions of Soler, while the lawyer Christine War, will be temporarily the new legal person in charge, waiting for the decision made by the new board.

Òscar Grau and Cristina Belloque will temporarily assume the functions of Soler and Gómez Ponti

At the moment, in the Camp Nou offices, the two structures coexist, and in a forced way: the old power nucleus of Bartomeu and the new one designed by Laporta. Both currents coincided, for example, in the trip to Anoeta when Laporta premiered at 1-6 at the Real Sociedad, undertaking the transfer of the 14 folders, which Carles Tusquets, the president of the Management Commission, bequeathed to Laporta.

From Kluivert to Alexanko

Ferran Reverter It has been internally remodeling the various areas for days, waiting, in addition, for the results of the audits ordered by the board to have the real photo of the club. In the same situation is Mateo Alemany, former executive of Valencia, who will be the director of football. He will have control of the sports field, so he goes daily to Sant Joan Despí to dispatch, while finalizing the organization chart.

Pending still, yes, that Jordi Cruyff, destined to be the next technical secretary, can dissociate himself from the contract that unites him as coach to Chinese Shenzhen to return to Barça. One of the first measures will be the return of José Ramón Alexanko to supervise grassroots football, a task he carried out already in Laporta’s first term (2005-10).

The future of Messi and Koeman, who has one more year of contract, will really determine the plans of the board

It may interest you

That implies, as the newspaper Sport announced yesterday, the departure of Patrick Kluivert, which ends on June 30 the two-year contract that he signed with the Bartomeu board. The new president also plans the return of Albert benaiges, one of the most prestigious technicians in the training of young players.

The movement is constant in the offices, but Laporta shut up. Send and shut up. It has been almost two weeks since his emotional speech where he winked at Messi to continue at the Camp Nou, in addition to conveying a message of confidence to Koeman, although the coach has one more year left on his contract. Those are the folders that will determine the immediate future of the club. Since then, acts of the president evoking the figure of Cruyff, his inspirer, while demanding titles and signing the first dismissals. Start the change.

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