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Laporta recovers the Catalan anthem at the Camp Nou and will sound before the Barcelona-Madrid classic



Joan Laporta, president of the Barcelona, announced today that next Sunday will sound The laborers, the official anthem of Catalonia, in the run-up to the classic before the Real Madrid, because the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, will be present that day in the box of the Camp Nou. The Barça manager already launched this initiative during his previous mandate, which ended up being eliminated by Josep Maria Bartomeu in 2015 because it generated controversy in the stands. According to Laporta, every time the President of the Catalan Government attends the stadium, this anthem will be played over the public address system. After learning of Laporta’s decision, many Barça fans from all over Spain have begun to wonder on social networks if the Barça leader, also by protocol, would order the national anthem to be interpreted in the event that it is the president of the Spanish Government who visit the Camp Nou in a match.

Laporta, who made the announcement during the act of renewal of Ansu Fati, has argued the decision to recover the interpretation of the Catalan anthem due to the presence of Pere Aragonès in the box. «The reason is that the president of the Generalitat will be in the party. Wherever he goes, he must be greeted with honors. Whenever the president comes, the ‘Cant del Segadors’, the national anthem of Catalonia, will sound, as it has always been done when I was president ”, he explained. It will not be the only protocol novelty at Barcelona-Real Madrid next Sunday because Laporta has also ordered that the president of the Generalitat recovers the presidential seat in the box from the Camp Nou. In that match, Pere Aragonès will take care of sitting between the Barça chief and the president of Madrid, Florentino Pérez, who will go to Barcelona to witness the classic live.

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Laporta has never hidden his political position and has always advocated the secession of Catalonia, at the same time that he has promulgated the Catalan values ​​of the Barça club, which in his previous stage already brought him the disagreement of many non-Catalan fans of Barcelona. . «Barça has always beat at the rate that the country has gone. In this sense, Barça has to position itself in terms of country issues. Barça has become a global institution, with Catalans all over the world, but maintaining our origins, our Catalan, as a club born in Barcelona. The ‘Més que un club’ is that, a way of promoting the rights and freedoms of Catalonia. The greatness of Barça is that we can do that, defend our language and our culture, “explained the president in a recent interview on El nacional.cat.

Bartomeu decided to eliminate the Catalan anthem in 2015, arguing that it was whistled by part of the stands. The decision was criticized at the time, although it was not the only one related to the policy that the then president of Barcelona had to make. The most committed came with its positioning on October 1, 2017, the day of the illegal referendum and in which a match was played at the Camp Nou against Las Palmas. Bartomeu decided that the match be played behind closed doors. So it was Laporta who criticized his predecessor’s decision. “It was advised not to play, and I was also in favor of that. Nor would he have left this decision in the hands of the players. They are the most important thing we have, the architects of the victories, the ones who make them work. The players have to play soccer, we must ensure that they enjoy themselves and they must be valued exactly as they are entitled, “he lamented. Now Laporta recovers ‘Els segadors’ at a very different time from his first stage as president, when the independence desire of a part of the Catalans it was latent for it had not yet exploded. That this Sunday the anthem of Catalonia sounds in the classic, in a game that millions of people around the world will be following, has great symbolism considering the political situation that is being experienced in Spain

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